White Wedding Wake

He’s Wide Awake, with a fake heartache
a Flaccid Fickle female
flinging insults into the 
far lagoon
across the water
from their hotel room
on isle Indefatigo.
She’s in silver brocade
like a levee she stays
until the break of days
when honor obeys
and Wide Awake prays
for another moment
with Flaccid Fickle-
Everyone wants to wanted 
be, through the harmony
of open sea
brings all men to knee
and say to thee,
marry me.
There on Indefatigo Coast
the boast of brocade wearing
ghosts tracks the toast
to the best man’s roast
as behind backs
blistering attacks
through Indefatigo’s
tree line, at most
a whisper and then
he’ll kiss her
because true love
don’t happen
in drawn out death
it goes in baited breath
in that hotel room
with wishing flesh
and come-unto-me-Effie
She is foul beauty
and the lagoon cries
and sparkles when
realize he
that honey bees
float endlessly
through discordant pleas
and Flaccid Fickle
and Wide Awake hold
each other through
the wedding cake
with eyes that take
even when the stake
is a blazer wearing
while the sun sets
on Indefatigo’s wake
for the woman
in white and her
quake smile
and her insider tears.

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