Project Manager version 2.70.25


Now you can save materials from the scene to the library easily as never before –
just drag the material into the Project Manager from the Material Editor or Slate Material Editor.
It’s also easy to edit material from the Material Library. Just drag the material into the Material Editor, edit it and drag it back to the library.
Caching of previews for materials — now with interactive rendering the material libraries will be load faster.
Caching of the scene materials is also supported.

Asset Tracking

The code of Asset Tracking system has been rewritten and using the Project Manager you can be sure that you have a complete control over external links into your scenes.
It is definitely that any of the available similar plugin doesn’t support the same number of asset types as the Project Manager.
For example, any from similar plug-ins can’t display and relink the Vray Lens effect with the missing bitmap.
Fixed issues with relinking Maxwell objects that use external links.
Selecting objects by dependents assets are work more quickly.

Ready to use with 3ds Max 2018

This version of Project Manager is compatible with the new version of 3Ds Max 2018.

Added the support to Arnold and RedShift renderers — now you can create Proxy, IES and materials what are compatible to these renderers.