5 ways to improve your Creative Writing

On these holidays I had an amazing oportunity to attend An International camp for blind people. The ICC – international camp on communication and computers is a camp for blind and partially sighted youth from all over Europe. Here we can learn more about modern technology, improve our communication skills in english, find a lot of friends from around the world.

„Although we all speaks different languages, we all have the same dream: to be independent. And we see the world not with eyes, but with our herts.“ (Sara R. Bresciani, the article: ICC makes teenagers more European. – ICC newspaper)

In this camp we could take part in a lot of interesting and very useful workshops, one of my favourite was creative writing workshop.

The main goal of the workshop is showing people that they can be creative with words and showing what the effects can be.

Here are 5 basic tricks how to write creatively, that I learned at this workshop.

1) Understandable language

– You must understand all the words you write. Do not try to look smarter than you are – or you can eventually lose.

2) Different words

- Use synonyms. Open the dictionary and you will be surprised how many words you can replace the banal get. So, after the DELETE key, your second friend should be the thesaurus.

3) Every word is important

- Do not repeat: every sentence should have a unique meaning.

4) Became a Super Reader

- Read as much and as often as you can. Remember, every writer is a reader first.

5) Do it – Write!

- Stop procrastinating. Turn off the TV, disconnect from the Internet, tune out the rest of the world, sit down, and write.

We had a lot of fun at this workshop. Whether we have learned to write creatively you can judge yourself, – Our creatively written article is below:

Creative Writing: Off to the Moon.


Dries Compagnie, Belgium, Ksenia Enilina, Czech Republic

The party at ICC was a great success. Everyone was drinking, singing, talking to each other and the band was singing ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ from Pink Floyd.

Suddenly, Dorien came into the room. “Everybody, listen!” It became quiet so Dorien could start to talk: “I have a ‘lit- tle’ surprise for you, guys!” Everyone was suddenly really interested. “What is it?”, someone asked. “Well, for that we have to go outside.”

Everyone in the room went outside, and a giant space- shuttle was on the street. Everyone was really surprised about that. “Now, that’s what I call a surprise!” Youss- ri said. “Well, we are going for a few minutes to the moon,” answered Do- rien. No one saw that coming! So they all got on board and Silke, the captain, started the engine.

After a few hours they reached the moon, but suddenly Silke was very worried about some- thing: “There is a red button glowing, is that normal?” She had just said the last word and the whole ship started shaking and it looked like they were crashing.

Suddenly Silke saw what was wrong. “Oh God, no! We’re out of gas!” Now everyone was really nervous. Now they were stuck on the moon in their ship. A few minutes passed and nothing changed. “What are we going to do?” Silke asked Dorien. And when Dorien tried to say something, the ship shook again.

Out of their window they saw a huge spaceship with some weird aliens in it. But ICC was ready to fight back! Luka gave them all his self-defence and ICC fought back! “Come on, we can do it!”, he said! He used the cannons and shot them down. But they were still stuck on the moon.

Suddenly the special ICC-Space defence saw them and helped them back to the earth! When they all arrived safely they were all singing and dancing around the whole building.

(Photos taken by Radek Pavlíček)

CU soon here, your Ksu 😊


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