4 all known things — How to get rid of laziness

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Beginning of 2017 I have made a list with my goals, what I will do this year.

But as it usually happens sometimes I couldn’t achieve at least one of goals. Something interrupted me daily — household chores or commitment to spending time or just thoughts that come suddenly. And I got lazy to do what I had to do.

I wrote about these mistakes in my previous post — here
Now I want to expand the topic further.

I needed some self regulation, self control that will keep me within plan.
I began to correct my attitude towards that postponement and tried to find out, how to be able to do all what I have planned.

  1. The most important thing in ability being productive is the healthy lifestyle.
    If you sleep 7–8 hours daily, if you eat and get enough vitamins and substances to maintain yourself in good shape — so in the morning you have resources to do everything.
    Of course you have to follow some morning routine too. What’s that and how to be morning person — I will describe lately. Don’t miss it.
  2. Choose real thing, what you are willing to do.
    For example every month I do plan for me myself. And every day I paint the cell of table if I did it.
    If I see that 10 days in a row the cells are empty, that means that I need to do something — to change my routine for be able to make it or just forget about that deal and change it to another, what’s more important for me this moment.
    Because otherwise it turns out that I look at that deal and I spend time thinking how I don’t want to carry out what I’ve planned.
  3. Limit yourself. 
    Don’t try to carry out all your yearly goals in one day. 
    The beginning of Dec 2016 I spent 3 hours of my weekend day to write out all the things that came to mind. 
    It was so interesting to imagine how productive I will be and what heights I will achieve.
    When I stopped I was tired. That day I couldn’t do any mentally hard work. Do you know what? In 3 months I moved slightly. 
    That list had no structure. Now I have about 3–4 deals that I need to do everyday and maybe 2–3 small businesses that I just watch for once a week.
  4. Shred big goals.
    How, why you haven’t learned these 500 words of foreign language? You can remember only 50 of them. It’s a bad result. But a pair of weeks earlier you can’t use that words speaking. 
    I divide goals into small pieces. Step by step brings me closer to my cherished goal. That small qualitative leap can improve my mood for the rest of the day.
    Don’t overdo it in anticipation. It can demotivate you to go on further.

That’s it. 
It would seem — conclusions are simple, what’s new you have learned here?
I think, I have read the same reasoning in countless small articles.

But everything must be reached based to your experience.

What I’m going to read on the theme of self-control:
The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal
“Driven to distraction at work” by Edward M. Hallowell

I will write small review of books further.

Can you add something that I have missed? Which steps help you keep to the plan?


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