The right way to travel

I have noticed that year to year I see more and more foreigners in Moscow. And even not in the historic center of the city but in the parks on the outskirts of the sleeping areas.

I see some Italians in hats that quickly speak about something and gesticulate actively. I see some groups of persons of retirement age that try to understand where to go. I see good-looking old pairs in the coffee house close to my house unhurriedly drinking a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I want to come up and ask them why they live here, where they have stayed, what they do here. Because I can’t understand why they have chosen to come here if they definitely have variants of another countries. What can be interesting here?

In Moscow there are so many things to do actually — theaters (one of the most famous Bolshoy), big museums (Tretyakov gallery), cinema (but the most is translated into Russian), parks.
Maybe they are not perfect.

I can say that people that live here don’t visit it and even don’t know about it’s existing sometimes. Me myself. From time to time I notice that I begin not to get out from my district. All what I need is here — home, work, some shops. It’s a bad habit generally speaking.

Once upon in the morning I was late for work. And I saw that a pair of old people need help. They don’t get which side of subway to choose, which goes to the center maybe.
They looked like foreigners. Trust me, it’s noticeable at once. Our old men don’t dress like that, don’t look like they.
I was so happy to explain where they have to go, how many stations they have to drive. I wanted to ask them what sights they want to visit but my station wan announced.

So what I’m talking about.
It’s that style of travelling that I want to try if I will have enough money. To come to the country independently, don’t with the big group.
The group rides a bus around the center, listening to the guide. 2–3 hours and they hurry to another point of list. To the evening they should feel tired. 3 days and they go away.

The better way is to come for 1–2 weeks. 
You can rent the house, you can buy products and cook them. It will be cheap for you with your salary I think.

Try to speak to the people. Try to understand what they think, how they think, what makes them sad and what brings the joy in their life.

Go far away from expensive center and capitals.
It’s where you can find the real life of country.

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