Tools for Blogging

Last week I worked in a group of 3 and produced a blog that looked into the taxonomy of Instagram. This task at first was little bit daunting however we made good use of the tools available to us to assist in our blog post.

Like with any research task we had to gather information about Instagram and of course taxonomy. Therefore my first tool I recommend when producing a research blog is Google. All we had to do was type in the term we wanted to look into, and in return Google would provide us with millions of results some more helpful than others.

An online platform that we used to aid our blog post was Pinterest. On my personal Pinterest I created a board that only me and my group could add to. To make it quicker and easier to pin pictures and posts to our board a useful tool was the Pinterest save button that could be downloaded to Google chrome. Simply by hovering over content on Google with your mouse you could see the recognisable red P. With about three clicks, it was added straight to your board. By having Pinterest it allowed us to collaborate together.

This is the save button that is available to download for free.

Finally another tool that our group used as part of our blog was the Snipping tool. Like the Pinterest save button this was a tool that I hadn’t previously used. Beforehand when I wanted to drop a screenshot into my work. I used to use the print screen button, but then have to mess about with cropping the image to focus on part I wanted. However there is a way around this time wasting and that is the Snipping tool. This tool helps you cut out the part you actually wanted to screenshot without having to bother with cropping.

These tools have been of use to me and my group and will be used time and time again to aid our work.

Here is a link to the blog we worked on about Instagram and its taxonomy –

- Katie Webster