Things i need to improve

i need to get better at being unbothered.

i wish i had Jaden Smith’s unbotheredness.

This (young) man is out here in an all white batman suit, cruising in a wide open, White Tesla SUV, while rapping about how Joker’s got batman on acid.

A God among Men.

is all i gotta say

But legit, this mans here, don’t care about literally anyone’s opinion. And if he does he hides it very,very well.

He went to the Met Gala,by himself.

Clad in head to toe in a gold grill, and all black LV fit,

His date? his own dreadlocks in his damn hand.

Like, tell me that ain’t just the coolest shit?

If you think it’s lame, argue the point with me because i actually want to hear someone who thinks Jaden’s corny or stupid or annoying

i used to think that, then i listened to Offering, a 6 minute banger, of Jaden just going in relentlessly, bar after bar.

Tonight alone, I’ve listened to the aforementioned “Batman” 4 times.

Another thing i have to improve on, is my emotional consistency, i had literally been only constantly in love with one girl for my entire high school career.

All the other girls friends i had were just mere distractions.

Its like, I’m Dave Chapelle and every girl except her, is that girl.

I don’t know man, i just am incredible one track. Once i get on something, I’m not getting off of it for no reason whatsoever. I mean i obsessed over this girl and look what I’ve got to show for it: Nothing

I’ve hugged her like…20 times.

I’ve known her and been in love with her for 4ish LOL like look at those numbers my guy.

I guess i gotta improve on better myself,emotionally eh?

Or at least having stable feelings for somenoe. Idk

it’s hard yknow? People are weak and im no exception.

I just gotta keep trying.

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