Keep dabbin on em Cam

So sick of people saying negative things about Cam’s celebrations!
Most players have celebrated during the game and people cheer right along with them yet the minute Cam dabs, half the damn internet is in an uproar. 
He is an awesome player, leader and role model. His achievements are plentiful and his heart has always shown to be good. 
He’s not shaking hands with racist politicians, in the news for fighting in the clubs... he takes every touchdown ball and gives it to a kid in the stands. He has led a team that only aquired him because we were the worst in the league, unfortunately lol, to a damn near undefeated season along with a great group of players. 
Stop feeding into the negativity, recognize this man and his hard work and for once look beyond the color of his skin and realize he’s a hard working man celebrating the game he was born to play!

So Cam Newton, keep dabbin on em and Keep Pounding!