3 Simple steps to better Customer Engagement/Clienteling

Beyond direct mail or an e-mail promoting a new line, a sale or other in-store event, clienteling takes the store/customer relationship to a whole new level. It’s formed through history and through the ongoing development of the relationship, understanding your client’s likes and dislikes, their needs and wants. And then giving it all to them.

Not everyone can clientele. More often than not, clienteling comes across as desperation with the store employees calling simply to try to get customers into the store another time. It takes tact and tactfulness to clientele and get the results you’re looking for.

So how do you successfully clientele?

1. Manage and maintain your database. Enough said. If you don’t know what your clients are requesting and buying, you can’t really clientele. Every time that customer shops, that info should go into your database. Many POS systems have a database management program built in.

2. Tie your clients into your sales efforts. Clients want to feel special — like they’re insiders and that you appreciate them more than any other customer. They know they’re one of your best customers, so why aren’t you treating them like one? Running a promotion on a particular brand? If you just received some new items from a particular brand, search your database and find out who has purchased that brand from you in the past year. Then call them and let them know you just received those items and you wanted to let them know before everyone else. Or if you’re going to be having a sale, search your database and find the top 50 customers who have spent the most money in your store, then call them and let them know you’re going to have a special sale but invite them to visit a day early so they can have the pick of the selection before everyone else.

3. Let your clients guide you. Your customers want to feel like they’re in the know, but don’t want to be barraged with communications. So pay attention — your customers will let you know whether you’re bothering them too much or not. If you have a feeling you are, then you probably are. Just pull back.

Source: http://www.allbusiness.com/is-clienteling-the-only-way-to-make-it-in-retail-15233011-1.html