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Week 1:Interesting national news

Chinese President Hu Jintao Meets with President of Tajikistan.

Building strategic cooperative relations


WEEK 2 :China’s foreign trade

The United States on China’s stainless steel flanges for trade detection

China ‘s economic development level


WEEK 3: Terrible hurricane
Large hurricanes hit the United States
The National Hurricane Center (NHC) on Monday warned Maria that Hurricane has escalated into a dangerous four hurricane, saying the “hurricane hunter” plane has detected Maria’s reach of a hurricane level 5.

WEEK 4 : Bomb = tragedy

Iraq’s bombing, at least fifty people died

War brought disaster:


I am glad that I live in a country without war

I sincerely hope that this world is not killing

WEEK 5 : Chinese Military News

Missile frigate Yuncheng launches an anti-ship missile during a military exercise in the water area near south China’s Hainan Island and Xisha islands, July 8, 2016. [Photo: Xinhua]


The Chinese and Australian armies have concluded a joint military training exercise in China.

Our faith “cooperation, trust, exchange,”

WEEK 6 :China ‘s technology is changing with each passing day

China’s new-generation weather satellite put into service

The satellite has helped improve the country’s weather and climate forecasts, and test results during its in-orbit operation have met targets.

WEEK 7:China Focus: China offers wisdom in global governance

China at the sixty-sixth session of the International Criminal Police Conference held in Beijing last week put forward a common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concept, and jointly respond to security challenges.

“ The Belt and Road Initiative, which is multilateral and open, is a global project and a response to global demands”

WEEK 8: “China’s share of global GDP rises”

The rise in China’s GDP represents a country’s strong

“The country made the largest contribution to global growth, averaging at about 30 percent annually, during the 2013–2016 period, larger than the total of the US, euro zone and Japan combined, he said at a news conference.”

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