Interview Materials

Interviews can be scary, and preparation is everything. A great interviewer is prepared before he or she walks in and has a pretty good idea of what is going to be asked of him or her. Setting yourself up and practicing what you are going to say beforehand is key. Walking into an interview with confidence is a great way to start and feel comfortable before the nitty gritty details. Building a self introduction that the employer can use to better decide if you are the right candidate is important because this not only breaks the ice of the interview, it also helps the employer better judge who the interviewee is as a person.

Professional Self Introduction

“Hello, my name is Trent Kubes and I am a senior Accounting and Finance Major at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I decided to go through with a double major in both of these fields because I was extremely interested in the financial side of business and having two degrees gives me the flexibility to decide what I want to do upon graduation. I cannot wait for graduation and represent myself in the best way fit.”

S/TAR Examples

Situation: While working for my parents cabinet company, I was in charge of scheduling duties to be done to ensure deadlines would be met. We had three different houses that needed to be done. We were currently working on one that had a later deadline than the other two, so I figured that we should push through on the current kitchen, and hold off on the other ones since we were close to finished. Unfortunately, long story short, we missed the deadline on the last kitchen.

Action: I had to sit down with the contractors and describe the situation and figure out what needed to be done in order to make everything work. I had to motivate the team to work longer with myself. The team and I had to stay late as well as longer hours to get the kitchen done as quickly as we could.

Result: After the mishap on my on the scheduling of duties and therefore working overtime, we ended up getting all the kitchens done. If I could do it different now, to not irritate anyone, I would’ve set the later kitchen aside to work on the more current ones.

Situation: While my time working at Duluth Pack, I came across a customer that came up to me and was extremely irritated that her bag that has a lifetime warranty ripped.

Action: She was heated in the moment because of her bag being ripped. I ended up calming her down and it worked quite well. I told her that she had a defective product and that we could give her a free repair on the product. To verify this information, I called my manager over and she continued to calm the woman down.

Result: Though the woman was initially not happy with her bag and the life time guarantee, I successfully managed to calm her down and offer her assistance to fix it. She left the store happy and ended up actually buying some things.

Situation: While serving my time at the University of Minnesota tutoring center, I tutored business and specifically accounting. A student came in that wasn’t really interested in learning the material, he just wanted the answers to the home work. This is something we are not supposed to just give out. We as tutors, need to work the student through it so they can successfully learn it. This student in particular did everything to not learn it. He would say negative comments and even bribe me to just do it.

Action: After some time of explaining to him that learning the content is important, that it is the sole reason of why you pay tuition for school, he decided to give it a try. I successfully was able to motivate him and collaborate with him in a way that he could see fit. I told him my side of everything and the way I think of things regarding the problems to break it down and make it easier for me.

Result: This seemed to work for him. I taught him how to correctly prepare depreciation methods on inventory in a way that motivated him to learn. He even did a similar problem for me. I knew I did something right when he left with a smile on his face.