10 Ways To Improve Agency Productivity

For each employer, company productivity is probably the most important thing because it’s directly correlated to profit. But every company has its own way of doing things. Whether you’re a formal business or an agency, employees need motivation and boosts of energy to perform longer and better. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to increase productivity in a business and not all of these are time-consuming or costly.

As a digital marketing agency, Kubix Digital thrives on building motivation and creating positive energy. We live by the motto “work hard, play hard”, we will optimize to the max, but will barely miss a TGIF! This, in turn, leads to improved personal and team productivity. So, here’s what we do to increase agency productivity:

Time Management Trainings

Every Kubixer gets a training from one of Kubix Digital’s founders and queen of HR Pınar Ünsal on time management. She teaches how to productively manage your time and best practices for planning your tasks. She always says, “eat the elephant first”. If you don’t know what this means you can Google it or you can become a Kubixer for your private training. We know that we can’t always be on the top of our game, but Pınar helps to find ways to utilize the down time.


Tools are a vital part of our productivity in Kubix. They help us organize, communicate efficiently and save time and paper.


Slac k is a messaging tool that we use in-house. You can both send private messages and create groups out of members responsible for a project. This way when you share news, a photo or a link in a group, then the members of that project get an alert.

Using slack has helped with the constant noise and chatter in the office like job-related questions and discussions. It helps a lot with handling distractions because chatter from the other side of the room could break someone’s concentration. Or let’s say you’re in the zone writing the most epic paragraph and someone comes to your desk with a question. You would have to stop what you’re doing to answer them, while with a tool like slack in use you can decide when the right time is for you to answer.


Asana is an app for organizing your tasks. Others can assign tasks to you, or you can set a task yourself as to not forget to do it. You have a calendar as well, so you can plan your tasks and spread them out to not have everything bundled into 1–2 days. I love it because if I’ve made a change in an account and much later want to check its impact, I can find the date of the task completed and compare data before and after it. It’s much simpler than a paper trail or scrolling through a mail. Also, if you have a bi-weekly or monthly task you can schedule the task and be reminded automatically.


Box is another tool we use at Kubix Digital and it is quite similar to Google Drive. It’s an app on our desktop that’s basically a shared file. But it’s not only an app, you also have access over any browser, so you can still access your Box using a different computer without an issue. In our company box, we share reports, client documents, and training. You can limit access so some departments can have access to a file while others cannot. You can also make a file public and share it with a client.

Google Sheets

We also use Google sheets as it’s a great way for multiple people to use office tools at the same time. At Kubix Digital, almost all of us are included into each project, as each person has something unique to offer. Therefore, there’s usually more than one person working on the same presentation or adding excel data to the same file. With Google docs, we can work on the same file at the same time and it’s live. No sending the file back and forth or asking if they’ve made any changes. Plus, once we’ve made a to-do list or report we can send the link to the customer. As a project evolves and there are developments in the report (eg: Excel sheet) the client can go to the link and see the progression live.

Google Training

As a Google Premier Partner, Kubix Digital has access to Google sponsored trainings. Each Kubixer goes to the basics trainings and as we are notified of special seminars we try to join those as well. For example, this year the Google Guru Trainings launched and I’ve been going to those once a month. These trainings are both useful and motivating. Learning new developments in Google and little details you would overlook otherwise are quite essential to the work we do. Also having a change from sitting at your desk once a month and instead of being in a vibrant atmosphere with other passionate online marketers gives you a boost of energy.

Work From Home

There are really some things in life that money can’t buy. Once you are with Kubix for over 2 years you are offered to work from home one day per week. Home office Wednesdays, helps you to be more creative, save time and energy and definitely helps with the Monday syndrome. In fact, you never have the Monday syndrome because in 2 days you can be working from your bed in your pajamas. And on Thursday you don’t have another Monday syndrome because the next day is Friday. Yay!

The perfect middle of the week.

First of all, changing the work environment, like working from home or even just a café, helps to be more creative. You think differently when your surroundings are different.

During the office hours, sometimes we intervene each other and this can affect your reading speed. You know when you read a sentence 20 times over and over again but you just don’t get it. On home office days, we read and research much better and faster since there is no interruption. (Don’t get me wrong my dear colleagues I love doing collaborative work with you)

Also, we lose a serious amount of time going to work. Besides the time loss, we are exhausted by the road when using public transportation or even driving in traffic. When working from home on Wednesday the extra sleep and energy saved helps to be more efficient than on the other days of the week. You feel refreshed, you’re not as worn out and you definitely perform better. I manage to complete many more tasks and sit at the table much longer on home office days.

Don’t even mention the psychological advantages! The positive vibe of having this chance definitely contributes to your general mood, perspective and emotions which trickle down to the other days of the week.

Team Events

It’s always a good idea to do team building activities. We try to do them once in a while — ok that was the understatement of the century. Not only do we have a scavenger hunt/ Christmas party once a year but we also have company parties, birthday parties, hot wine tasting, yoga sessions etc. Team building events help with the team dynamic and trust. In a less formal environment, you can see how those around you respond to situations and get a better perspective of their personality. So, with each event, our team gets stronger.


Besides team events, we also do TGIF’s. This is usually a great Friday motivation. At the end of the week, you kind of don’t have much more to give. Work slows down and you can’t wait for the day to end and the weekend to begin (I never have this problem because I love my job ). But thinking that if you can gather your work together an hour early and then you can enjoy a drink with your colleagues is that little push we all need. It motivates you to get that last piece of work done in a timely manner. At Kubix Digital sometimes we’ll take off after 2 and play a game on a porch, or grab a cold beer in the last hour and chat in the lounge. It’s both good for moral and for team building.

Monday Meetings

Monday meetings help to kick off the week. These aren’t customer meetings but team meetings. You can talk about your goals, brainstorm ideas and schedule your weekly plan according to the weight of that week. It’s always good to catch up with others and know what else is going on in the company. Collaboration is key, so by talking about your tasks you can get help and feedback from others in your team. If you need help with a project you can ask someone that has a lighter schedule to help. Plus, it’s a healthy way for management to keep hands on progress without looming over your shoulder asking what you’ve done so far. In an environment of healthy communication, issues are nipped in the bud and division of work forms naturally.

Shared Office

We spend more time in the office than we do in our own home, so having an office that’s welcoming is more important than one might think. Kubix Digital is situated in a shared office. By using a shared office place, we benefit from having many services handled for ourselves. This way the office is taken care by the Office Management and we can focus on work.

Creative Colorful Office

Our environment shapes our mind. Having a dark grey office might affect performance negatively, while a vibrant open space is more inviting to creative ideas. In our shared office we have lively colors, glass walls and an industrial/modern look. I always feel inspired by the different textures around me and have never felt claustrophobic even if I’ve spent all day at the desk.

Change Of Scenery

What’s great about a shared office or a big office space is that there’s room to create different seating lounges. In Plaza Cubes, you have your own office space but there’s also a lounge, seating benches and a ‘diner — like nook’ next to a black board. So, if we ever feel like we need a change of scenery we can sit in the ‘diner nook’ and write “work hard play hard” on the black board to motivate ourselves. Or sit in the lounge with others around us, bouncing off their energy to give ourselves a bit of a boost. It’s almost like working from home because you’re breaking the habit of sitting at your desk yet still in a productive environment.

Far Kitchen

Sitting all day can also lead to a slow day. Staring at a screen for hours can lead to daydreaming and drift away. We need a little activity once in a while to regain attention and re-focus. A couple times a day we should all get up and walk around the office a little bit. In our office, the kitchen is downstairs all the way at the end of the corridor. At first, it seemed so far, but now I appreciate the walk. So every time I want coffee or water or a spoon (and then I go to the kitchen, come back but realize I forgot the spoon so I have to go back to the kitchen), I take a little stroll down the corridor and get some exercise.

Healthy Offers

Our shared office also provides snacks and events for us. A little offer once a day is just what we needed! Mondays and Fridays there’s breakfast, the most important meal of the day and a great way to start a productive day. Wednesdays, we have fruit, with a healthy diet you feel vigorous and your energy lasts longer. And Tuesday and Thursday we have cake because — well we don’t question why, it’s cake!

Company Culture & Team Fit

More important than anything else is company culture. Culture is established through management. And Kubix Digital’s founders Halide, Pınar, and Şafak have truly set the tone for a successful environment. As ex-googlers, they’ve brought the ‘light and creative’ environment but also the ‘thrive for greatness’ spirit. You never feel cornered or forced or pushed to do something. Instead in Kubix you are nurtured in aspects you lack and empowered to try harder in aspects you thrive in. This leads to constant personal improvement.

Team fit means everything to Şafak, Halide and Pınar. You won’t believe me but in our team right now everyone — and I mean everyone — likes each other. We’re all different people, Seren lives for healthy eating while Damla is obsessed with chocolate. Serdar is the Ghandi of SEO while I can be a hyper chatty Kathy. And Abdullah is analytical and philosophical while Özge is emotional and bubbly. But despite our varying personalities, we all come together under the roof of Kubix Digital. And the reason for this and everything else listed above stems from the company culture.

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