Kubix Digital Won “Best Small Integrated Search Agency” Award At The European Search Awards 2017

Wow, wow, wow…! What an amazing award show and what a great surprise for us. We cannot explain it in words how we felt as our name was shouted out and we heard the announcement ‘And the winner is Kubix Digital’… This hair-raising news made us feel so incredibly proud.

We don’t mean to brag but we really won one of the most prestigious awards in our industry: Best Small Integrated Search Agency in Europe. We might be small, but we think big and this is the result. Huge thanks to everyone at Kubix Digital and our clients for making this possible!

In their sixth year, the European Search Awards celebrate the very best in European SEO, PPC and Content Marketing across 29 categories. The awards are considered among some of the most

intricately judged competitions in Europe. All entries come through a rigorous judging process, a process led by an influential and respected international judging panel.

At the awards, Turkey was represented only by Kubix Digital this year. With attending for the first time and being shortlisted in only one category, and on top of that even winning in this category, the conversion rate for us was %100. This was bull’s eye, I would say!

But why did the jury choose Kubix Digital as the Best Small Integrated Search Agency? Well, we have no idea as the competition was so strong but the Judges’ comment impressed us:

“The Judges’ were impressed with the desire to stay true to their values even in a difficult climate. Investing in staff, sharing knowledge and building honest relationships with clients. Great customer satisfaction providing longer term gains.”

Yes, it is true. We had a difficult time the last year in terms of politics, economics and social environment here in Turkey. We run a business in a country where mid and long term planning is almost impossible. To overcome these difficulties, we worked closely with our customers to optimize their accounts. We focused our efforts on ROI; we suggested to reduce budget on less lucrative campaigns and GDN. We also had a longer grace period on outstanding payments. On a more personal side, we tried to focus on working with international clients, especially in Europe, to minimize our client risk.

In the end, we stayed true to our mission and vision and kept running our business successfully. Although it was a difficult year, we have a YoY turnover increase, try to grow our team and are even in the process of opening a new office in Berlin.

We believe that we are a small agency with the attitude that has proven excellence in all SEM/SEO areas. With all the case studies we have achieved with such a small team and strong client portfolio, we believe that we really deserved this award.

Don’t Panic, the event organization team, made a perfect night happen for all of us with lots of good memories to bring back home. This definitely is an award competition we will continue to participate in, in the future.

Special thanks also to our hard-rocking table 29. We had a great time with the Branded3 & Ignition Search team, singing and dancing all night long. It was a great pleasure to meet all you guys!

Well, we are so proud of our so adorable award that we now call it Awardy and took it on a road trip across Europe and put him in a very special place when we were back in our office. Find the photo story of our so beloved Awardy…Welcome Awardy to Kubix Digital, we love you!

Good Morning Awardy — The Day After

Awardy Ready To Start The Day

Awardy Gets Its Daily Dental Care

Awardy In The Plane, Flying To Its New Home

This is just the beginning… We still have lots of case studies to prepare, best practices to share, success stories to tell and awards to win.

And it didn’t last long as we won another award right after Krakow. Now we are not only Europe’s Best Small Integrated Search Agency, we also won at the MENA Search Awards in Dubai.