Everyone knows that a website is actually like a business card. An online business card of a portfolio, a consulting service, product, company or even more. With a website you can deliver the most detailed information about your services to your target audience and advertise yourself for free. Anyone who does not yet know your phone number or company address can reach you 24/7 via your website. (If you shared your contact information, of course.)

That’s why you need to design your website in a way that it brings you and your audience together. …

Ok, up until now we all got it, right? COVID-19 is still here and looks like it is here to stay for some more days, weeks and even months. First, maybe most of you thought “Oh well, I can stay home 2–3 weeks, that’s no problem”, but now, after 3 weeks in home exile and following all major news channels, we can say it out loud and accept it: At least one more month of #WFH, homeschooling, social distancing for all of us. I’m normally one of the most positive-minded people you might ever meet, but even me, I now…

We are at the beginning of the 3rd week in which we, as a digital agency are all working from home; whether in Turkey, Germany or the Netherlands. Our motto #WFH (working from home) from everywhere. The Coronavirus has not only had a strong impact on our lives and the lives of our employees, but also on the lives of our clients.

Let’s put this straight, according to all forecasts, unfortunately it looks like not much of this current situation will change in the near future. To us, as an agency, now more than ever, it is clear that we…

Your company’s actions and communication during the Covid-19 crisis will demonstrate to people whether your relationships with them are genuine. This is what you should always keep in mind.

Due to the corona virus and the current situation, people are fundamentally unsettled and have lots of questions like — Is the grocery nearby open after 6pm? Is there a delay in my product delivery? How hygenic are the products I’m buying?

It is important that you as a company don’t panic and that you develop your own corporate communication strategy. Answering questions that arise from your customers, informing them about…

Ahrefs (pronounce: h-refs) is one of the most complete tools for SEO & content marketing. You can check, monitor, and track backlinks; see your competitor’s top keywords, keyword rankings over time, and their ‘superfans’; find low-competition topics, broken link-building opportunities, local citation opportunities, and dead internal links; see which of your pages and your competitor’s pages get the most organic traffic; find which keywords your competitors rank for, and you don’t; fill content gaps in existing content. (And so much more).

To sum up, “Ahrefs is an SEO tool that helps you to grow your search traffic, to research your…

User experience is inseparable in today's SEO world — optimizing your website only for Google algorithms is a narrow-minded strategy. Its always better to optimize your website for your users. And more importantly: I should mention that Google itself, also wants just that. In Google’s own words:

“You should build a website to benefit your users, and any optimization should be geared toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content. Search Engine Optimization is about helping search engines understand and present content”.

Here are 5 user experience…

February went by fast. But before we march into March, let’s take a look at the SEO and SEM updates of the last 30 days. Though there wasn’t happening much, the things that did happen confused, surprised, and excited us. Here’s our short news-recap, of a short month.

Google Shopping Ads On Gmail, Google Discover & YouTube

February 6, 2020

As of next week (the week of March 4th), Google will start showing shopping ads (including both Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads) on Gmail, the Google Discover feed, and YouTube.

Shopping campaigns that target the display network already, are automatically eligible to run on the new properties…

It’s easy to forget the health of your hard-earned backlinks. From time to time, you should check your backlinks to see if there are any problems.

Here are the 5 things to consider when making a health check:

  • Check for HTTP links: Both the site and the links should be secure.
  • Check for broken links: Links might end up broken in time. Get in touch with the webmaster to get them corrected.
  • Check for nofollow links: Adding nofollow links to the website might be a website policy, but you can still try to get them removed by the webmaster.
  • Check…

There are a lot of great guides on “how to rank videos on Google” — but they are mostly on optimizing YouTube videos. By ranking a YouTube video (or a video hosted on another hosting platform) on Google, you’ll send the traffic to that hosting platform. And then the big question is: will your user visit your website after watching the video, or will they stick around to watch more? (With hosting platforms continuously suggesting other videos to watch and autoplaying the next one in line, I bet it’s the second).

Showing as a video result on Google with your…

We’re almost 1 month into the new year — and what a month it was. New big features, big updates, big changes, big improvements (.. or big disappointments). We will take you over the most important news updates of the last 30 days, in our first SEO & SEM News Recap of 2020. Happy new year!

Google January 2020 Core Update

January 13, 2020

A broad core update was released in January — and with a large number of websites impacted on a global scale, it was a big one. Although it was a global core update (meaning: the update was not specific to any…

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