Kubo Inc.

As Kubo continues to grow in size as a project, business and coin, it is important to note that the most important aspect of this mission is the impact left on the end user.

Recently, the Kubo team was officially incorporated and is now known as Kubo Inc.

On top of that, our developments have shown promising results, and we have achieved our target pace for the end of this quarter and early Q3. With these great accomplishments comes great responsibility when providing services to the end user that will ultimately enhance the value of the Kubo brand and it’s assets.

Many businesses fail because they do not keep the customer/client in mind when making decisions or experiencing interactions. While this is a payment system that continues to grow in popularity, we will not make the mistake of many other young businesses who have developed beautiful systems but forgot about their end users. Without end users, we do not have a purpose to develop such an awesome system for payment services.

This is why it is important that we focus on the relationship building aspect of Kubo and avoid taking such a transnational approach. When a business takes care of its customers, the customers take care of the business. Now that Kubo has become incorporated, we must place ourselves in the shoes of the end user and ensure that our every effort is one that is selfless, ethical and beneficial to the progression of each stakeholder’s crypto experience.

At this point, not all see the true value in the world of cryptocurrency, and one way we can begin instilling authenticity is by remaining true to our core values when helping the end user: Trust, Honesty and Loyalty. If we can continue to keep the end user in mind throughout our development processes and interactions, the impact of this project is going to be an extremely stellar and lasting success.

Because Kubo is about the people, our success will always be measured by how many lives we are able to reach.

Link to official incorporation filing:


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