Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

Our Coin Swap Explained in Full Detail. Date, Ratio, Markets.


We will try to keep this as short and simple as possible.

  • First of all our swap will take place on STEX and will happen on the 16th of December.
  • After the swap we will not return on LTC market on STEX. More info later on
  • After the swap we will be tradable on SAT Markets and USDT on STEX. Our Swap Ratio will be 35:1. (3200 Watoshi is 1 sat)
  • The changes that we have made to the swap will be very beneficial for the whole community.

Current situation:
-Total supply: 3499999999999.0000 3.5 trillion total
-Circulating: 2371776706184.0000 2.37 trillion circulating

The plan was a swap with 5:1. But after analyzing the supply and talking to our advisors and partner Aeryus we came up with different numbers.

You as our community members told us you thought the supply after the swap would still be too high. The reason we started off with this supply was that we were also airdropping to previous KUBOSCOIN holders, a project that was left and abandoned.

Our Swap ratio has been set to 35:1
New Situation after swap:

-Circulating supply : 67.7 Billion
-Total supply : 100 Billion

We will go straight to SAT and USDT Market on STEX.

Our price of the time of writing the price is 15 Watoshi.
3200 Watoshi is 1 Sat.
3200/15 = 213

The ratio of the swap will be 35:1
So that will be 213/35= x6

So basically everything under 90 Watoshi is still cheaper than when we are done with our swap to SAT markets. 1 Litoshi is 28 Watoshi.

When we return our ticker will be KUBO. Until the swap our ticker is KBG, KUBOGOLD

In a few hours we will release our Roadmap V1 covering Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 and our Lightpaper V1. We hope you will enjoy it


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