The Kubo Community and Looking Ahead

Dec 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Completing ten years since its inception back in 2008, the crypto market has made tremendous head way since its start with Bitcoin to becoming an accepted and prove asset for the masses to use for various uses in and out of the finical sector. Regardless of what project an investor is a part of, be it KUBO or BTC, an important aspect to take into consideration for the long-term success and future of a project is the community support behind it. From trading volume, users of the coin/token’s use case, or social media engagements to get the word out on the project, the community is vital aspect and teams that fail to realize this or worse under play the value of the community are doomed to fail.

This is where Kubo looks to stand out from other projects in the crypto-sphere and plans to set the trend in integrating its community in all major decisions to ensure the projects biggest supporters, the community, sees that their inputs are being heard and applied to better suit the users of the coin/token in the short and long term. One of many examples that display this involvement of the communities’ voice/input in a major decision for the project is when the ratio for the KUBO swap was being sorted out to ensure both a reasonable supply size for the use case when the swap to the Ethereum network is completed but also to account for the rate of reduction that would strike a pivotal balance between too little or too much on the individual investors. Moving forward, this vital input from the community will be called upon to make Kubo a worthwhile investment for both the user of Kubo in the real world but also for the market traders as the crypto market matures.

Looking ahead into 2019, the Kubo project has a lot of major developments rolling out to push to market several products and services that will bring Kubo to the masses and place us in a spot to grow real use case users. Beginning with Q1, the Kubo project will serve as a native token for the ELO Exchange and will serve as a base market pair for all crypto project that enlist on the exchange. This will cause for Kubo to have many pathways of liquidity but also to form multiple partnerships with promising projects that can further push Kubo to more community members and investors. Alongside the Exchange, Kubo will also be the owners of a dedicated mining pool that will be linked to the PoW and PoW/PoS coins listed on the ELO Exchange. This will allow for an extra source of income for the Kubo Project but also supports both the projects that are being mined by the mining pool but allows Kubo to attract the crypto mining community to further build the community over at Kubo.

Thanks to our partnerships with Aeryus and Epic, Kubo will further grow in both crypto space but also the real-world market space for our use case of micro payments and means of exchange for goods/services. With the Aeryus application, Kubo will have the ability to serve as a micro payment option with a Point of Sale system to easily integrate the vendors into the Kubo ecosystem and remove the hassle of having to explain all the technical nuances. The Aeryus app will provide Kubo with a simple to use chain payment app and secure digital wallet to hold your Kubo on the go. With the Epic platform, Kubo users will be able to engage in peer to peer escrow exchange service. With the amount of pro-crypto individual user increasing worldwide, having a secure and well managed escrow platform will allow Kubo users and investors to send their assets through secure channels for contract services and goods like how its currently done with fiat currencies.

Though nothing is certain in the crypto market, the KUBO project and team is preparing ourselves to become the most comprehensive project in the space with the backing of a powerful and growing crypto community following. 2019 will be a break or make year for Kubo and it will be up to both the Kubo team and community to be consistent, adaptive, and most importantly #KuboStrong.


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