Where Human knowledge stops; God Begins

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The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of the wisest man on earth. The Bible tells us that there is no searching for the understanding of the creator of the universe. His ways are past finding out, his thoughts are higher, mysterious and hard to comprehend.

Oft I wonder why we humans think we can ever outsmart God? The Bible even says it is a futile effort to think the creature can outsmart the greatest creator. Instead of wasting time trying to be wiser than God; here are some tips we need to know

  • God always has our best interest at heart;- he doesn’t see us as nothing but his handwork. He wants us to make him proud
  • God’s tiny footprint in our life is summed up to be the breathe we take in everyday. We are alive because he loves us so much.
  • God is wiser, so as humans we should always trust God more
  • Whatever season we are in our life (could be a season of love, hope, change, acceptance, life)- he wants us to know he is there. A gentle whisper in the wind
  • God is our present help in time of trouble, even with the Corona Virus rampaging around the world; he wants you to be at ease because he is God and he is in control.

Here is a gentle reminder to anyone reading this; stop trying to fight your creator; he has given you a choice and one thing about God is; he doesn’t force his love on anyone. It is your choice to love him or not; but he is closely knitted beside you; nearer than you know and ever willing to flood your heart with his love every step of the way.

God loves you,

Softly, he does

Beautifully, he does

Always, he loves you

You can trust him.

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