Taxify Promo Code — First Ride With Taxify For FREE — 23AYH

Nov 7, 2018 · 2 min read

So, are you looking for ways to ride the taxi for FREE? Then this is your chance to do exactly that! Here is a taxify promo code that you can use and get your first ride FOR FREE!

What you have to do — NOTHING! Just add this promo code 23AYH and get 10€ for your first ride with Taxify!

How to apply taxify promo code?

  1. Download Taxify & Sign Up

Taxify promo code will work only if you use credit/debit card payments

Invite codes are valid in limited countries and cities and the discount can be different, it may be even higher than 10€.

Here is what you do when you get a code:

Once you have entered a promo code and selected your bank card as a payment option, continue ordering a taxi as usual.

The promo code value will reduce the cost of your ride. If the cost of the ride exceeds the promo code value, the remaining amount will be charged from your bank card.

Enjoy your first ride!