How to survive monday mornings

There are many things, that are being hated. Taxes, traffic jams, screaming kids in restaurant and many more. But there is always someone who loves them, such as a busy accountant, taxi driver with customer in, or a mother who likes the feeling that her kid is anoying someone else then herself.

But there is a thing, that is hated by everyone but me (or at least it looks like it is). It’s called monday morning. Actually, I’m not even sure why. I’m aware that everyone is not so lucky as me, living the dream by doing what you love and having the opportunity to learn something new every day. It’s not for everyone. Otherwise I’ve heard many stories about how hard it is to get up late at monday morning and go to work that people hate, and start busy week full of tasks, e-mails and you know … generally working.

Here is my little secret, how to start productive week and how to keep smile on your face even during the bad days, when you have to do something you don't like.

Be prepared!

I’ve developed a positive habit, which helps me with this. Every monday morning, I force myself to get up two hour earlier than I’m supposed to. I do my everyday morning routine, such as cold water shower and listening to my favourite song. Then I walk to the bus station, read something on the way and go to the center of Prague, to my favourite café. That’s where the magic happens. Sometimes i meet my girlfriend, sometimes one of my friends and sometimes, i just sit there all by myself. But everytime, i do the same thing. I buy myself a cup of coffee, favourite breakfast dessert and think about the upcoming week. What is going to happen, what is on my To-Do list for this week, who do I have to meet and most important, how to get better at things that I do, and I’m sorting all of those information into each day of upcoming week.

The result of all this is, that i feel more comfortable and much more prepared for the whole week, and i don't have to stress myself as most of the people who are trying to gain as much sleep as possible, because they are in the shadow of fear about the upcoming working days. And if there's anything, which i don't like to do, such as visiting the dentist, I feel prepared, and it's much better than just keeping it somewhere in some corner of my head and waiting for it to come.

I would strongly recommend this to everyone, just give it a go and try it, at least once, and you will see, that you will feel more relaxed and when you'll reach the office, you will know what to do and immediately start doing it, instead of thinking and stressing out about what do you have to do.

If this place is not a ghost town and someone is actually reading this, let me know what’s your monday routine and how do you deal with monday mornings. I’d love to hear from you!