Why am I reading so many biography books

I'm currently in a process of packing my things, because I'm moving into a new apartment soon. I went through my personal library which is getting bigger almost every week. And when I was browsing my books, I've noticed, that most of them are someone's biography.

That lead me to a point where I was thinking about why am I reading so many biography books — and the answer wasn't so far away. It's pretty simple, but I still wanted to share it with you guys, because some of you might find or you've already found that you're having the same passion for them as well.

If you know me for some time already, you know that I always look for some rationel for all decision I make. These books are simply helping me in this situations in life, where I have to decide about life, work, family or whatever is needed at the moment.

I think it's great to read about someone who already made the same decisions as me during their life journey — and in these books it's always pretty easy to find the reason, why the person decided this way, not another. And even if it's not always about the decisions I'm currently making, or already made, I feel it can help me to prepare for the decisions that are about to come at some point of my life.

Another thing is, that some companies, such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and Intel and many many more are so influenced by one person (usually the one who started them), that after reading this person's biography you can clearly see the connection between them, and vision of company they started. And that's what I like the most.

Actually, the more I think about it, it's not only about a biography books. I've started watching university recordings, where they ask a famous actor/businessman/enterpreneur to come and talk about their life and life decisions. I love seeing someone's attitude to life from their own perspective. — it always somehow chang my vision of life.

Thanks for reading, and please, remember, I'm always open a for a good book suggestions. Let me know your favorite, I'll be more than happy to read it!

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