Change is inevitable, just embrace it

“The man who has anticipated the coming of troubles takes away their power when they arrive.” — Seneca

The only thing in this universe that is constant is change. The planet we live on spins continuously on an axis 24 hours a day seven days a week. The seasons we experience are always different in when they come and go. The weather is changeable and unpredictable for the most part (think hurricanes, tornadoes, ice and snow storms, droughts and floods). Life and nature grows and ages. Trees shoot up into the sky, leaves turn green, brown, and then wilt away and fall. Mammals and birds flock between lands changing their habitat and environment. Every day we are growing or moving closer to death. Death is inevitable, and we were never meant to live forever. Our body, organs, skin and bones age, get weaker, disintegrate, and we cannot stop their inevitable demise. The best we can hope to do is try to slow things down. Time may be a human creation, but it doesn’t stand still. It is an accurate measure regarding the change we experience.

Everything around us is moving at all times. Like our food that perishes once taken out of its natural state. 
Technology advances daily; You may buy the latest gadget which has the most recent features to realise that only days, weeks or months later it is now superseded by the new release or an updated version. Fashions only last for so long due to our thirst or need for something different. The result is styles and trends cycling and changing or coming back quicker than the seasons.

It’s clear that everything around us is in constant change, so why do we believe that our lives and bodies will be any different. Why do we think that our life, belongings and relationships will last the test of time? Why do we get comfortable in our homes expecting nothing to change unless we choose for it to do so? Anything can happy at any moment to anyone. Our careers are as volatile and limited as much as anything yet, we expect to have security and not have to change roles unless we decide to do so. Jobs are human creations and therefore prone to human factors and fates. Politics, economics, psychology and sociology or plain old human emotions could lead to you losing your job, and this could in turn impact on your ability to pay your mortgage or your rent. Before you know it you’ve been forced out of your home. You love your job. It’s perfect. Your colleagues are now friends or people you are happy to be around every day. You have control of your workload, and you are comfortable with the organisation, role and the responsibilities you have. What could happen? The worst is that the company could decide that your time has come or you make a mistake which costs the business dearly with you having to take the fall as recompense.
So you have the best relationships with your parents and grand parents. You love the fact that they are around to support you. You’re glad knowing you can fall back on them and they’re there if you need them. What you don’t do is meditate on the knowledge that they are your elders, so it should be clear that they are closer to their end than you are. You should not be surprised when the time comes that they leave us. You need to take a step back and return to the lifecycle of basic human existence. We are born, we live, and then we die. That is the black and white of it. The constant wheels of motion that determine our fate. However, we don’t need to be morbid about things. If we were to be able to come to terms with the fact that we are going to lose someone, there is a lot less pain and suffering from the surprise of it. It’s hard losing people, even if you expect it, but preparing for the eventuality reduces the amount of impact it will have. The same goes for relationships. Marriages don’t always last until death. Don’t kid yourself, we are all born alone, and we all die alone. The only thing we have control of is our actions and our minds.

Finally, our bodies. They are living organisms; we are made up of billions and billions of cells We cannot even comprehend how magical and amazing that these cells work together to give us our form like a symphony. There are bound to be issues when we have so much going on. Like all things human our bodies aren’t perfect. The fittest, healthiest people who have never taken drugs, drunk alcohol or have any vice are prone to disease. A disease is part of the cycle of life and change. We cannot prevent anything only hope that the good we do will put us in front of some of the diseases and mutations that could occur. We can only be in the best health by looking after ourselves by exercising, eating well and getting enough sleep. None of us will live forever; You may not even live into your next decade.

Yes be happy and be in love. Enjoy your time with your other halves, best friends and general acquaintances, but don’t be surprised if they disappear. We are all human and as fickle as it gets. We lost interest, find people that give us new perspectives or make us feel better about ourselves. Nothing lasts for ever. We need to remain detached and never let ourselves go all in. Always leave some chips off the table, and you will find a part of yourself that you can go back to if the worst does happen. Give love but only so much so that you won’t get burnt beyond repair. Push yourself to your limits but remember that there is a limit at the end of the day and your body can only take so much. Get comfortable with and expect change. Embrace it and accept that it will happen whether you like it or not and your life will be better for it.