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4 min readAug 18, 2023


Kuma Inu is proud to announce the Kuma DEX DAO.

Until now, we’ve had a single DAO, the Kuma DAO. As per the Kuma Inu Whitepaper, we’re introducing the Kuma DEX DAO. Adding the Kuma DEX DAO alongside the Kuma DAO helps us better work together and makes Kuma Inu even more decentralized and community-driven.

What are the differences between both DAOs?

The Kuma DAO voting power is based on $KUMA holdings and its purpose is to vote on development and marketing proposals.

On the other hand, the Kuma DEX DAO voting power is based on $dKUMA holdings and it’s meant to be used to vote on Kuma DEX’s related proposals, like new tokens listings or changing features such as the trading fees.

What can I currently do on the Kuma DEX DAO?

With the Kuma DEX DAO you can already become a delegate, which is a fundamental step in the development of Kuma Inu’s DeFi ecosystem. You’re voting power will be based on your $dKUMA holdings at the moment of becoming a delegate and it will be stored in dKUMA’s smart contract.

The Kuma DEX DAO is still at an early stage and proposals will come later.

What is a delegate?

A Delegate can vote on Kuma DEX DAO proposals. Only holding $dKUMA doesn’t grant the ability to cast votes on the Kuma DEX DAO, one must first become a delegate. Delegates are fearless decentralization guardians who have unleashed $dKUMA’s true power.

By embracing the role of delegates, we show we are ready to govern ourselves.

How do I become a Delegate?

Becoming a delegate is very simple and requires a single on-chain transaction.

1- Go to dexdao.kuma-inu.com

Kuma DEX DAO website

2- Connect your wallet to the website.

Click the “Connect Wallet” button, at the top-right of the page. Choose your favourite wallet on the popup that will appear.

Choose your favourite wallet

3- Press the “Become a delegate” button.

Press the “Become a delegate” button

4- Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

You will be prompted in your wallet with the transaction to confirm. Confirm it to become a delegate.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet

`5- Enjoy the feeling of taking part in something bigger.

Important reminder: to become a delegate you must be holding your $dKUMA, so it has to be done before staking it in the dKuma Breeder.

Important notes

With the Kuma DEX DAO entering the picture, a small change is going to be made to our current Kuma DAO. The voting power will transition from being based on $dKUMA holdings to being based on $KUMA holdings. It is also important to note that the Kuma DEX DAO operates on-chain, which means usage requires gas fees. However, this approach leverages the full potential of the immutability and permanence inherent in the blockchain, offering a level of security and endurance that makes the gas fees a minor trade-off.

Woof burnt 3.5T $KUMA from the wallet that keeps the Kuma Breeder fees, telling us we were heading in the right direction. The Kuma DEX DAO is the first response to that. Now, we, the whole Kuma Community, must become delegates to confirm that we support decentralization and we can govern ourselves.



Kuma Inu | Community

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