Laud Basing, Mandela Washington Fellowship, Class of 2016.

Those of us who have come to know Laud are super proud of him. He’s a great sport, and a truly worthy part of our circles. We read this excerpt upon his nomination for this prestigious training and fellowship and smiled with pride. If we decided to, pages would be laboured with his many achievements in his few years. Laud is one of the people we think of when we think of the Global Shapers; committed and with integrity, he is a asset to improving the state of the world. Let’s cheer him on as he reaches greater heights!

“ Laud Anthony Basing has more than seven years of experience in the laboratory, combining practical knowledge with strong analytical skills in practice, teaching and research. He is the CEO of Incas Diagnostic Services Limited, a company which provides high-quality routine and specialized medical laboratory and food testing services.

He volunteers for the Upper West Akim District in the Eastern Region in building capacity for the District laboratory and has been actively involved in the identification and treatment of children with Yaws infection in the district.

He is passionate about mentorship, and through the Incas Impact Foundation, which he foundered in 2014; he has held mentorship programs in universities across Ghana as well as in numerous tertiary and second cycle schools in the country.

He loves research and has been involved in several studies with international collaborations. His research findings have been presented in conferences in Nigeria, Mali, Spain, South Africa and the United States.

He is the American Society for Microbiology’s Young Ambassador to Ghana, an executive member of the Ghana Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists, a board member of Guzakuza, a firm that seeks to grow women agripreneurs, President of the Young African Leaders Network-Ghana and a member of Alliance for Young Entrepreneurs-Ghana.

His dream is to expand his company into a biotech company with specialised areas of research and diagnostics especially in the area of food safety; while impacting on the lives of young people through an expanded mentorship program.

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