Solutions Summit & World Economic Forum on Africa, 2017, Durban, South Africa.

With six years of working in the innovation in education space, and for four years within the refugee sector in Ghana, which involved consulting for UNHCR Ghana, and now for the Ghana Refugee Board (GRB), Rya was invited to be a Panelist in Solutions Summit in Durban, which was the convergence of the Schwab Social Entrepreneurs, the Young Global Leaders, and the Global Shapers. The purpose of the Summit was to develop and design ideas and solutions to global difficulties, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a central factor. Rya lead a discussion with the task of putting function to form with insights from the „sharing economy.” “The MVP (minimum viable product) of the discussion was a service in which large data storage within Africa was automated and securely stored with innovative technologies. The MVP service, as well as others that were designed, are to be presented to major decision makers such as the UN, as well as world leaders.

President of Ashesi University College leading a discussion on innovative education

Rya was one of 6 Global Shapers from Ghana who were selected to attend both the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship’s Solutions Summit, as well as the 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa in Durban.

Some Global Shapers at the WEFA 2017

He also spoke on a panel for ‚legal and Illegal Migration ‘with a focus on refugees and what measures might be taken to help them integrate into the Ghanaian society, and then into other host societies (in which the legal conditions permit them to freely associate). Rya spoke primarily on his work with educating refugees in Ghana with innovative English and Cultural (Ghanaian) courseware. He explained how learning in the refugee camp in which he operates was not the widely conventional fashion in which the teacher dictated to the student, but rather one in which group/class verbal interaction was encouraged and facilitated. The learnings include lengthy content driven conversations in English, excursions, and gradual integration through internships in neighbouring facilities and areas in which they (the refugees) could practice their growing knowledge in English, as well as experience the culture firsthand.

Rya Kuewor of the Kumasi Hub speaking on Legal Versus Illegal Migration

When asked, Rya said some of his key takeaways from both the Solutions Summit and the WEF on Africa, were that the ‚sharing economy, which lies primarily on the function of collaborative technologies such as banking and mobile money, is a largely useful system of global shifts to look out for, and also that „worldworthy“ work (mostly in social sectors) is certainly one that can pay one’s bills and feed one’s soul at the same time.

Both the Solutions Summit and the World Economic Forum on Africa, consisted of discussions towards finding solutions to the topics of “Connecting Markets, Revitalising Manufacturing, and Integrating Innovation.”

Communications Team, Kumasi Hub,

Global Shapers Community.

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