Invest in an IoT Platform That You Can Trust to Unlock Business Advantage

kumud dixit
Dec 27, 2019 · 3 min read

IoT has been the buzzword for a very long time, but it is only nowadays that it is turning into a major phenomenon. With exalted predictions about IoT, it is only logical for telecom operators to invest in an IoT platform that can take their business to the next level.

Understanding IoT and its Many Important Facets

Futuristic Innovations Made Possible via IoT

Leveraging IoT tech for business gains starts with understanding its core components and different aspects. Below are some of the major components of an IoT platform:

1. A network of connected devices: An IoT platform comprises IoT sensors, actuators, machines and a whole lot of other connected IoT paraphernalia deemed crucial for apt performance of tasks. Cutting-edge M2M connectivity is needed to ensure that all connected devices interact with each other properly.

2. Versatile connectivity solutions: Every IoT use case is different. An IoT connectivity solution that works for one case might not be ideal for another. While for one case, you would need high-speed M2M connectivity to transmit large amount of data between devices, in another case, you would need low powered connectivity solutions that do not cause quick discharge of sensors. For example, in telematics that are part of self-driving cars, the speed and latency of connectivity matters a lot. But, a parking operation that deploys sensors for long-term use, low power consumption over a long period of time is crucial as it prevents the need to recharge the sensor over and over again.

3. Cloud-based software for information processing: The vast amount of data sent across by different IoT devices need to be collected and processed at cloud-based datacenters. The rightful processing of data generates insights that are useful for day-to-day business operations.

4. Interface for users: An interface is required to provide users a look into how the operations are carried out. The main task of this application interface is to provide a place from which operators can view the information generated by the IoT platform.

Overcoming the IoT Challenge with Specialist Internet of Things Companies

Internet of things companies can help telcos grow in different verticals and take every business challenge head on. Below are some benefits of partnering with an accomplished service provider:

1. API: An application program interface allows telcos to control the IoT operations. It is also possible for operators to venture into different partnerships with vendors that can offer tailor-made services for different verticals. For example, an API offered by IoT platform provider can help you immediately enter into a partnership with a shipping vendor, so you can distribute IoT SIMs.

2. Integration with different systems: An IoT platform is as vast as it is versatile. Therefore, IoT solutions should be designed to be inter-operable with different systems. They should be able to handle a multitude of communication protocols and work with a range of hardware and software suites.

3. Choice of implementation: The implementation of IoT development platform can be done on both cloud and on-premise. Therefore, it is essential that the IoT partner should provide both options, so that a telecom operator can make a choice according to its requirements.

4. Security of the IoT network: As an IoT platform places large amount of information on the cloud and a lot of data is transmitted through the air interface. It is important that internet of things companies that you are partnering with employs robust encryption, so as to prevent unauthorized access to customer-critical data.


An IoT platform that you can trust is vital for sustained business growth in an IoT endeavor. It is important that you have all the right resources, access to different verticals, APIs and above all security of the IoT network with robust encryption to ensure smooth operation of IoT devices.

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