The fate of Indian media and journalism.

This article is a reaction to a recent piece that I saw on one of the Indian media outlets. The piece was researched on and presented in such a manner that I thought it needed an immediate response. It was a researched piece on how people are making money by doing children’s holiday homework. And to be perfectly clear of the situation, it was not one of those local media outlets who showcased it. It was infact published by one of the biggest outlets of our country who spent their resources in how stationary shops in New Delhi are selling holiday homework to parents because their children didn’t do it.

We just want you to pause for moment and stop reading, just to think. Why are huge organizations spending their resources on such petty issues ? Do we really have no other matter to talk about ?

The answer to the second question is pretty obvious so we’ll talk more about the first question. To being with, we’ll first have to know what their purpose has become. Do news organizations just want to be first in viewership or do they actually want to take responsibility and maintain their credibility while they share news. It’s pretty clear what they want and it’s not because of their stories or reports it’s because they take pride in being the highest or second highest in viewership.

Do we see taglines like 'Your credible news source’ or do we see taglines like 'India’s most watched prime time show’ ?

What is more appealing I ask you. What is more comforting to the general public, public which deserves attention to detail, researched articles, explained news and simply the truth. It is a big loophole in both capitalism and communism that the news media can never be truly free. It is either controlled by the government or by the highest bidder. What we need to do is either find a middle ground or something new altogether. And it is something that we have to deal with until and unless we take responsibility ourselves to make make such news media dependent only on subscriptions. This is the reason I applaud HBO and it’s business model. They brought out successful seasons of ‘Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’ as that team isn’t biased or controlled by the highest bidders.

We need research teams, investigative journalism and a dedicated public thirst for that in India just so that we can save everyone else who might not be paying attention right now. Instead of flashy headlines (which don’t actually amount to anything), we need researched data based graphics to understand situations and events. What India needs is a unbiased(subscriber dependent) news outlet which has no other aim than to be credible and maintain its integrity in the society. A democratic media organization in true sense : “Of the people, by the people, for the people”. There should be no more interference, no more bragging about which is most read or most viewed, rather there should be pride in credibility and quality of content shown.

This is what I aim for my nation and it’s media. I’ll end with a very famous quote by a French philosopher, “Every nation gets the government it deserves”. I know that this is not valid in the case media because Indians deserve much better.