I have always wanted to write about time. Sometimes I couldn’t collect enough strength to start, sometimes I just couldn’t pen down what I felt. It is that complex to comprehend and yet so simple to observe. I searched the keyword ‘time’ on Medium, just to get an idea of the articles there are and most of them are about time management and getting things done in limited. They are trying to motivate me to use time and manage it, and I just smile reading them. I smile with a sense of sage as it is not what I seek. I don’t want to manage time, I want to feel it. I want to feel each second of it as a cool breeze gliding through me. I don’t want to be indulged in something so deeply that I forget about time, I want to realize it every second. I don’t feel as if time passes us by, I feel the contrary. A very beautiful poem by Ruskin Bond taught me that, I owe that guy a lot.

Remember the long ago when we lay together
In a pain of tenderness and counted
Our dreams: long summer afternoons
When the whistling-thrush released
A deep sweet secret on the trembling air;
Blackbird on the wing, bird of the forest shadows,
Black rose in the long ago summer,
This was your song:
It isn’t time that’s passing by,
It is you and I.

I am not saying that we should not indulge in things that make us forget about time. All I am saying is sometimes shouldn’t we just stop for a while and take it all in? Is it not the essence? Sometimes we forget that we are mere mortals and one day we’ll just die. And that is something we should never forget, it makes us realize that we have a very short span of time and we should give it it’s due importance. Shouldn’t we?

Every moment that we share with time cannot be brought back, that exact time, your exact age, that exact amount of sunlight in the room and that exact temperature even. They all cannot ever be recreated, you can come close but never go back. Isn’t that enough for us to feel it? Every second in the register of our lives is unique entry and that is the beauty of it. So we should let time have it’s time after all.

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