Use Highlight One Thing

I built a tool that asks you a simple question: what do you want the highlight of your day to be? This may look like a small, cute tool that you’ll check out once. But in reality, it’s a question that has had a tremendous impact on the way I think about a day.

When I was younger, there were less distractions–no phones, no notifications. Just me and my Legos after school everyday. Days felt longer. I always got so many things done.

But my days more recently felt so short. Nothing got done. Phones buzzing. Notifications ringing. …

Use the SlidesUp API to power your event

We’ve all been there before–planning a new conference with our co-organizers. Ideas are buzzing around the room. We create ambitious goals for the tools we’ll give our attendees. But we underestimate how much time it takes to set up even the basics. We run out of time and then scramble to find something that works out of the box. In the end, we can’t get it to look right with our conference branding.

In this article, I’ll show you how I used the SlidesUp API to build a custom event app with my branding specs quickly. The API provides an…

And how Droidcon Boston did it brilliantly

Conferences are under attack. There’s no alternative to face-to-face meetings, but many argue you can tap into the best thinkers online. Consequently, there’s more pressure than ever before to put on a great event that can cross-pollinate diverse ideas. It takes a lot of work to craft the agenda, speakers and attendees. The logistics of putting on a conference can be a distraction that overshadows the people and content (which is the main reason anybody even goes to such events!).

At SlidesUp, we believe that conference organizers need to focus on the content. That’s why we’ve built tools for people…

SlidesUp is the hub for your conference planning activities

Earlier this year, we announced that we’re working on a new product to help conference organizers. After talking to ~50 organizers in the past few months, we’re starting to see the patterns:

  • Conferences are important places for people to learn, cross-pollinate, and launch products
  • We as organizers have several chaotic months leading up to our events
  • We’re coordinating all the small details with vendors, dealing with scheduling changes till the last minute, and making sure all our signage gets proofed before sending it to the printers

With tight budgets & not enough clones of ourselves, we can’t be wasting time…

And how I accidentally started a research sprint on Twitter

I’m currently working on a new product to improve the attendee experience at tech conferences. While I got many insights by asking friends and family to tell me about the last conference they went to, I needed to reach more people who go to tech conferences. Last week, SXSW Interactive was happening in Austin, TX. If you’re not familiar, SXSW is a yearly gathering of many people from all over the tech industry filled with talks, parties, and big announcements.

I was seeing lots of tweets about the event popping up on my feed and friends posting their travel updates…

Lowering the Cost of Decision Making

This is part of a two-part series on prototyping tools. Part 1 explored tools that were well suited for responsive projects and ones that require transitions and animations. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, please read it here.

It’s been about a year since I wrote Part 1 of this article, and a lot has changed in the prototyping tools space since then. There are new tools, a plethora of acquisitions, and some innovations introduced to existing tools. Before diving into the latest thinking, let’s review the current state of the prototyping tools market. …

Stepping Up the Craft of Design

There has been an explosion of web innovation recently. Compelling design makes many people use their devices and apps more. For designers, this puts pressure on us to craft each piece of our products to engage, delight, or [enter your goal here]. This goes for consumer products, games, enterprise tools, healthcare — you name it — there’s a higher standard for every screen, navigation component, button, interaction, and transition.

I’ve come across several new prototyping tools to help me create and express what I want to build. By new, I mean brand spanking new. …

A new service to strengthen your heart

We all know that doing cardiovascular exercise has many benefits — improved memory, increased metabolism, reduced plaque in the arteries. I’ve become more active in the past few years and have seen the benefits first hand. There’s one problem I couldn’t get around: exercising takes time and dedication.

Well, it’s time to take a page from the strength training book. The heart is a muscle just like your quads, biceps, and pecs. Strength training involves putting muscles under strain, causing micro-tears in muscle fibers. When your body rebuilds these fibers, it adapts to handle that strain better and grows in…

Converting myself from a Tumblr man to a Medium man

Welcome to my lab! It’s still under construction, so keep your hard hat on and don’t mind the loud noises. I’m building this space to share my thoughts on design, business and technology.

My background is in biomedical engineering, building medical devices at GE Healthcare, Partners Healthcare, and DocBox. Over the last two years, I was working at SapientNitro and Sapient Global Markets to improve my design chops as an interactive designer and information architect. I’m moving to the next phase of my career right now, just having accepted an offer at Alere ACS (Accountable Care Solutions). …

Kunal at Epic Ping Pong. Photo by Ben Gebo.

A bio of Kunal Bhatia (of

Kunal Bhatia is an Experience & Product Designer, with a background in medical devices.

You can read his most popular articles here on Medium, like this series on prototyping tools:

Oh, you wanted to know more?

After graduating from Boston University with a B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, with a focus on Computer Engineering and Computational Biology, Kunal went to work for SapientNitro and Sapient Global Markets. There, he was an interaction designer and information architect within the Experience Design (Nitro) and Visualization (Global Markets) teams designing websites, digital displays, web apps and mobile apps for financial services, automotive, and technology clients.

Prior to Sapient, Kunal held…

Kunal Bhatia

Product Designer • @SlidesUp (@ycombinator SUS'17) to help you at conferences

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