A New Silicon Valley Garage — Udacity Self-Driving Car Micro Challenge

It’s happening. It’s opportunity. It’s the future. And I am excited to be part of it.

I have been hearing a lot successful stories from startup garages. Now I am finally seeing one of them on its way to a bright new future — The Udacity Self-Driving Car Garage.

Thanks to Udacity SDC team for the openness and the new philosophy for education: accessible to the world and build the future together, I am able to enroll to the cutting-edge class and learning together with enthusiasts from all over the world, with different disciplines and different ages.

Udacity is building a self-driving car, together with students. Not the normal students that have to go to school, but students that learning from themselves and from their heart. I have known a lot of students from the Slack SDC channels from different countries and different backgrounds. We are like a big family that shares technology and life experiences. I remembered the night Udacity was announcing the acceptance result for the program. A lot of participants were chatting and waiting behind the Slack if they got accepted to the program. The night were just like the New Year Eve or Christmas Eve. Yes, I got in. A lot of participants got in, too, and shared their joyness.

Beside the curriculum, Udacity will throw out challenges for hands-on problems. This special micro challenge is to get the sensor data out while the team is installing radars. The team wants local volunteers to participate and work on the sensor data. I don’t believe John Chen in my ai-world-car team just booked the airline and hotel and came to the Silicon Valley. As localer, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity, either, and offered a ride to him.


That’s it. Amazing opportunity and amazing day. Really nice to work with the SDC team and their help. Thanks again MacCallister Higgins, Eric Gonzalez, and Oliver Cameron! Your team is really awsome!!!

Of course, a great team cannot be without a great leader. Sebastian Thrun showed up in the garage. I’m go to have a heart attack! But wait, Let me take a picture first.

The rest of the day is just me and the car. Working hard on my computer and get to know more about you. You should have a name. Let me call you Uda.

It’s getting late really soon. It’s time to take a break, Uda. Don’t worry, I will help you, and you will help me and the world. See you tomorrow.

…..To Be Continued…..

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