Why SEA is important for hotels — more than ever

The times, when hotels made a huge amount of traffic and conversions with good rankings are over.

Nowadays the click through rate for #1 rankings for imporant queries is about 5–10%. The reason is, that the organic listings are not above the fold anymore. Above the fold are four adwords and the local pack.

Most users click on the results above the fold and don’t scoll to the first organic ranking.

For keywords with high search volume on the first organic positions appear brands like tripadvisor and booking.com. There is no way to compete with this companies for a single hotel, because of lack of domain authority, and I think because the user intent is to compare several hotels for queries like hotel in Manchester.

So hotels have to pay for the traffic. They have to make adwords campaigns to appear above the fold. With the right keywords and a good landing page adwords work very well for hotels.

It makes also sense to bid on the brand. Often sites like booking.com steal the traffic for the brand with their adwords campaigns.