Life in Korea — Year 1 (Part 1)

Home — away from Home

This is where you spend time sleeping, cooking, eating, and doing endless of homework till midnight.
Cleaning depends entirely on these two.

School — Korean Language Studies

The time I feel alive, yet sleepy (sometimes) is when I step into this classroom. I’m gonna miss it so much
When you think of the memories . . .
. . . you made with friends, . . .
. . . those memories become treasures.
A great teacher, . . .
. . . Light the way, Inspire the mind . . .
and Touches a heart.
school activities

Spring — Everland

This is my first time riding a rollercoaster — pretty awesome!

World Food Day

The proud moment when we introduce our tradition food to the world.

Summer — Caribbean bay

Caribbean Bay Water Park —one of the largest water park in the world.
Pretty thrilled to be there

Fall — Minsokchon

Get a taste of South Korean vivid cultural experience as well as traditional culture set.

Sport Day

Sport brings fitness, boost self esteem, teach teamwork, cut down stress, you name it.

Winter — Delicious Musical Show

Using the concept of cooking combine with an amazing dance performance, DMS is one of the great performance I have seen so far. Sadly audiences are not allowed to film the show.