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Brad Glasgow

It’s always sad to hear about a none-biased game news website shutting down. I’d never heard of Game Politics before and it’s a shame I missed it. It’s been very hard for true gamers (and can I be devil’s advocate and say especially Girl Gamers) essentially because of propaganda. A recent article on Quartz had me rolling my eyes to heaven wondering how hard they had to work to twist the information they had to make it a gender issue. The article was about Rust forcing it’s players to keep a randomized character forever and quartz somehow spun it into ‘How guys react to being forced to play as women’ even though the issue was people were upset by having randomly generated meth addict looking character… Somehow they made this into a social justice issue.

Have to marvel though, I’m pretty sure If I put my head that far up my own ass I’d suffocate! There’s all this talk of feminism in gaming, but as a girl who love video games I can say that prior to this whole Anita scandal I never experienced any discrimination based on my gender, however ever since then I* have actually had a few instances of pure suspicion due to Woman + Video Game Journalist now being associated with liars essentially.

On the grand scheme of things, I know I have more to bitch about when it comes to feminism than video games, but it really hits me where it hurts. Every day I watch a freak show unfolding and sometimes it goes in ways I really wouldn’t anticipate. Like the recent Baldur’s gate scandal. I personally, would have thought that the logical evil SJW would go after would be Beamdog throwing it’s trans character to the wolves… however, they decided the fans were… transphobic???? I still haven’t quite wrapped my head around how anyone could actually believe what Beamdog said if they had looked at the actual dialogue or read through reviews for the game.

What was worse for me, was when I expressed my outrage at Beamdog’s actions I was accused of being a Gamer Gater and written off. I also always love the line “Cis White people don’t understand” as if my race can dictate my ability to feel empathy. I’m always somewhat impressed at how deluded some of these peoples are

There is no place on the web other than GamePolitics that would have taken a chance on that article.”

You should have talked to me, Gamer Headlines has never been afraid to prod the beast with articles such as:

Trigger Triggered By SJWs (about the Baldur’s gate scandal)

Tifa’s Tits and Other ‘Problematic’ Things

and my personal favourite

Anita! Babies Don’t Just Fallout!

You should post links to your work and import your articles to medium before the site shuts so we can read them :-)

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