Lauren Modery

What a great read, certainly had me cracking up.

When I was a little younger my family was hit hard by the recession and our solution? To live in a £300 shed from Argos for 6 years. I’m not joking, slowly we built outwards, each year it got a bit bigger, my father got a container to be his office and I got my own caravan, but it certainly wasn’t whimsical!

I was terrified to have friends over in case they thought we were hillbillies! What has happened now though is despite the fact I have a spacious apartment I do everything I can in one room (The bedroom) and really have no idea what to do with my new found space except make it messy :-P

Farting, was of course, a problem with 4 boys. We made anyone who needed to fart put their but outside the door!

Sexy time is what B&B’s are for ;-)

The biggest problem is having to throw away cd cases and keep them in those little packet things, it’s incredibly sad. Also, books, all mine are digital now

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