Green Bay Packers Partners Club Benefits

A successful physician and the founder of, Dr. Kurian Thott devotes himself to furthering the field of medicine. Outside of work, Dr. Kurian Thott enjoys traveling to Europe, golfing, and watching his favorite NFL team, the Green Bay Packers.

One of the most popular franchises in professional football, the Green Bay Packers reward their dedicated fans with a range of special programs and promotions, including the Packers Partners Club of Champions. For an annual membership free of $100, Packers Partners receive fan benefits such as a Season Kick-Off Kit packed with Packer-related goodies that include a membership card, a Packers media guide, and an annual Packers yearbook.

Members of the Packers Partners Club also receive official game programs, autographed items, access to ticket pre-sales for special events, backstage passes to a Packers pep rally, and an invitation to the annual Packers Partners Reception. Other highlights include the opportunity to win tickets for a Packers home game or training camp sideline passes.