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Robert K.
Robert K.
Apr 13, 2018 · 3 min read
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Life is a great thing. I want to get stuff done. This is a list of things I want to do before it ends. Tasks will be added to this list constantly.

  1. Write a book
  2. Get a tattoo
  3. Appear in an ad
  4. Win the Hype Quiz (yes, that’s what HQ stands for). Best score yet is 11/12.
  5. Appear on Google Street View
  6. Get a motorcycle & car driver’s license
  7. ✔︎ Drive a car (I’ll write a post about this later, remind me)
  8. Drive a train
  9. Fly a plane (not on a plane)
  10. Ride a helicopter
  11. Ride a bullet train
  12. ✔︎ Ride a cable car
  13. Ride a self driving car
  14. Become a bureaucrat on Wikipedia
  15. Make it rain (with US $)
  16. Cash in at Coinstar with a wheelbarrow of coins
  17. ✔︎ Get bit by a jellyfish. Not a thing I wanted, but it happened, so I have bragging rights.
  18. Pass through security at Ben Gurion airport
  19. Go vegan or vegetarian or something similar
  20. Develop an app
  21. Visit C E S
  22. Create a programming language с чувством прекрасного
  23. Fly 1st class (not just good ol’ business)
  24. Fly the shortest flight in the world
  25. Visit the highest train station
  26. Visit the lowest train station
  27. Ride through one of those curvy, twisty, dangerous roads — surely much better than riding a rollercoaster
  28. Visit a mountain peak
  29. Visit the Mariana trench
  30. Parachute
  31. Win an auction
  32. Design shoes
  33. Be the first to discover an easter_egg.exe
  34. Make Sanremo Belle Époque Again
  35. Visit all the countries (slowly, yet firmly progressing)
  36. Visit a Buddhist temple
  37. Visit Greenland’s natural reserve
  38. Drive a golf cart
  39. Go to space
  40. Implement the right monetisation system
  41. Shut down an android
  42. ✔︎ Go sentence case
  43. Snowboard
  44. Design a typeface
  45. Stand under a waterfall
  46. Play guitar at a concert
  47. ✔︎ Start making money
  48. ✔︎ Go on a road trip
  49. Run a marathon
  50. Build a P C
  51. Make a quest
  52. Do something that no one has ever done before
  53. Gift caviar chocolate to Mr. Mockett
  54. Live a week without time
  55. See a volcano
  56. Design a transit ticket
  57. Collect 100 transit tickets
  58. ✔︎ Voice public transport announcements (done twice)
  59. Visit all Moscow metro stations
  60. Visit Metro-2
  61. Visit all Genoa metro stations
  62. ✔︎ Win a chess tournament
  63. ✔︎ Perform at a public concert
  64. Be a customer support person for a day
  65. Visit the Genoese pesto factory
  66. See a solar eclipse
  67. ✔︎ See a lunar eclipse
  68. Vote in an election
  69. Make avocado toast
  70. Speak at a TED talk
  71. ✔︎ Donate computers to charity (three so far)
  72. ✔︎ Print stickers with my face on them
  73. Create a board game
  74. Create a dictionary word
  75. ✔︎ Visit a cave
  76. Couchsurf
  77. Transition Kurlovia from a micronation to a nation
  78. Turn 100

When I wrote this, I have already done many cool things that are not on this list. I’ll figure out a way to add them later.

Yes, I know that this is usually called a bucket list, but I prefer calling it a life list because it’s about my life, not just dreams, and also because I don’t have a bucket.

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