Single image museum

At today’s French course, we talked about portraits, images, paintings, selfies, and art. We talked about the meaning of art and what it takes for something to become a piece of art.

I personally don’t recognize white squares as art, and most modern art is lame.

It appears as if our professor said something that sparked a thought in my mind: What if there were a museum with one huge painting?

Well, the painting doesn’t necessarily need to be huge, nor does that piece of art need to be a painting. It could be any piece of art. Just one piece of art in a museum. I’d take a shot at it. Investors, what do you think?

Similar ideas have already taken place: Mmuseumm in New York, and The Museum of One Painting in Penza.

My museum would have exhibitions that change once in a while. The main reason to make it happen would be focusing on one thing. In a world where we have constant distrac-*buzz*-tions, *buzz*, we are almost unable to concentrate on one thing. That’s why the only notifications with sound on my phone are calls. A genius who I can’t find made a blog that’s only readable in airplane mode. I love the idea and I would want bloggers and major publishers like Medium to use the concept to make sure people finish reading the article. Otherwise, the next generation won’t be able to comprehend simple articles like this one. Oh, and beacons would trigger silence mode on your phone once you entered.

That’s my idea. If you want to help me make it happen, you know how to reach me.

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