Season Veteran 32 year old Packers QB Aaron Rodgers Reflects on the new generation of ‘Digital natives’

Aaron Rodgers has noticed a dramatic change in the new generation of professional athletes moving through the ranks as a footballer. At 32 Aaron has experienced the ups and downs of a professional athlete, but just recently has noticed a significant change in the new future stars. This what he had to say in an interview with ESPN “When there were breaks, we played cards or dominoes or chess one year. You were always doing something interacting with your teammates,” Rodgers said. “Now, there’s a break and everybody’s sitting in their locker looking at their phones.” Aaron Rodgers in this interview with ESPN writer Jason Wilde reflected on his start of his career and how it was different. He recalled in his first NFL Training camp in 2005, that their was a lot more face to face interaction with the experienced guys and rookie players alike. He explains how it strengthen key relationships between the playing group and built trust and character. Aaron remembers learning how to play dominoes with Walt Williams another fellow rookie player in 2005 and how he formed strong bonds from late night chats with roommates on camp.

At a personal Level I agree with Aaron, playing team sports my whole life those relationships and face to face interactions build strong core values to a team. Playing with a team mate who you have built a strong relationship with at a personal level, helps drive that hunger to work together and not let each other down. On that message I think people need to make a conscious effort to interact more with other peers in General, but more specifically people sharing a similar goal. This could include a NFL team for Aaron rogers case, School, University or workplace. We can learn new things from one and other and help each other to achieve success.

“Recent advancements in communication technology have enabled billions of people to connect more easily with people great distances away, yet little has been known about how the frequent presence of these devices in social settings in uences face-to-face interactions” (Przybylski and Weinstein, 2012, p.1).

We live in a technological driven world today where there are thousands of cool and exciting digital products that are accessible, However can also be time consuming and distracting. I believe we must balance technology with face to face interaction in order to bridge that communication barrier at a personal level with other peers.

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