Sell a Home in Any Condition

The newer and more modern a house is, the faster it will sell on the real estate market. Buyers want metal roofs, new appliances, and an efficient furnace. Most are seeking back yards, energy-efficient windows, and one half bathroom on the second floor or in the finished basement. It is not uncommon for sellers to spend thousands of dollars on renovations to get a higher price and to help the house sell within a minimal amount of time.

What to Do with an Old or Ugly House

Not every home is going to be in excellent condition. From a little work to be done to fixer-uppers to condemned property, many homes seem to be unmarketable. Disruptive tenants may have completely destroyed a home, some broken down houses are inherited, or there may have been fire damage. Owners with code violations, no equity, or close to foreclosure may not have the money to invest in making repairs or renovations.

If a real estate agent indicates a home will not sell on the market, or the listing has expired, it may be time to contact real estate agents who specialize in making a cash offer for your house. Sometimes referred to as Cash Home Buyers, these agents can help people get rid of a house quickly with no out-of-pocket expenses. An offer is made, homeowners decide whether or not to accept the offer, and a contract is signed if it is acceptable.


Getting cash for homes may not let owners walk away with the same amount of money as they would if selling the house the traditional way, but it may just be a better solution. The process saves a substantial amount of both time and money, and may actually provide the owner with a bigger profit. That typically depends on the “as is” condition of the house, the location, and the company selected to make an offer.

Other advantages include no people traipsing through the house on short notice, and no calling or researching plumbers or electricians. No “For Sale” sign that somehow encourages people to stop their cars and ask to see the place will be posted.


Large corporations that make a cash offer for your home without even looking at it are probably setting the price based on a general formula. Owners indicate how old the house is, how many bedrooms are included, how many bathrooms exist, and provide a bit of information regarding the yard. Those offers tend to be quite low. Find an experienced company that is independent and will insist on seeing the house.