Are you using media to impact?

Yesterday I decided that it was about time that I started watching Mr robot. For those unaware it is a TV show based around a Cyber security employee who becomes a hacker trying to change the world. Now there is far more to it then that but I am only up to episode 4.

This said I am in love with this series, it is one of the shows where it is hard to stop watching. More importantly it is one of very few shows that has made me deeply think about real life. In the show there is this concept that the top 1% of the top 1% control everything. Now I’m not going to get into the whole conspiracy side of things but this did get me thinking.

That in itself is so powerful, a fictional show made me question reality in a serious way. Because of this I also realised that as a show it stood out due to the personal impact it made. How a piece of media that technically is no different to the others out there had the power to change my reality.

Every day we are bombarded with media and yet we rarely blink an eye at it. As someone who designs media; from animation to blog posts, I have never really grasped this concept. Sure I have always wanted to make an impact but never have I thought about what that impact could be.

When people have hired me they have spoken about their product or service and wanted me to craft a story with it. Surprisingly enough it seems that me not realising impact is a common thing among people. I Wonder how much better my projects would have been if I focused on it.

We live in such a world where we have the capabilities to change peoples lives yet we rarely recognise it. Media is one of many outlets to do this and we need to start recognising this.

If you need examples look to any slogan of a big business, just do it, I’m lovin’ it, go make something. Okay that last one was mine but I bet you knew the other two right away. Those companies have fundamentally changed the way this world thinks. Imagine being in the position to change the way the whole world thinks.

What about your brand could you use to change how people think, what could be your impact. If your like me think about how you could help other with their impact, what could you make that could change how people think.

This is definitely something I will not be letting go for a long time to come. I personally will be adapting it into my make every day projects to see how smaller scale projects can make that impact.

Originally published at on October 10, 2016.