Instagram Is Ruining Vacation
Mary Pilon

My wife and I have been traveling the USA for the past 5 or so years for work, and everywhere we go we try to get as far away from other people into the wilderness as possible. I photograph everything, but for our own reflection — we like to look back on where we’ve been.

Of course, I also post those pictures to Facebook in large uploads to albums with quirky titles. I tell myself that I only do it for the benefit of friends and family who will never see these sights (and sure enough, many of them are constantly thanking me for the pictures), but I do get at least a bit of joy when the “likes” start rolling in.

Always remember, the journey is for you to enjoy now. The pictures are for you to enjoy tomorrow. Don’t get too caught up in worrying what anyone else might say about the amazing things you are blessed with seeing.

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