Most Heterosexuals will never encounter the T in LGBT and that’s really the problem
Duane Gundrum

Very good points. If you want to understand why ‘most’ people feel the way they do, then you’ve definitely answered the question: “Most Heterosexuals will never encounter the T in LGBT and that’s really the problem.” However, I wouldn’t ever call ignorance “hate.” They aren’t the same thing. Comparing the two is likely just going to anger people, not win them over.

On that note, while most of us have never (and statistically speaking, will never) encounter the T in LGBT, we have all heard numerous horror stories of creeps, pedophiles, and rapists. It’s no wonder that so many people are more concerned with protecting their children, wives, and so on from those who would use whatever advantage and opportunity presents itself to attack, then they are with the “rights” of one of the tiniest percentages of people on the planet. Is it so hard to understand that they are trying to protect their own “right” to privacy and feelings of peace?

I’m not saying what’s right and what’s wrong, I’m just imploring people to stop calling everything hate.

BTW, I have known a few T’s (male-to-female) who always used the women’s bathroom and absolutely no one really cared (a few comments here and there, but not as many as I get on a regular basis about my slight country-sounding accent). We don’t need laws for or against things, we just need people to stop being so ... stupid.

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