5 Reasons to be an Asshole


Look if you’re going to keep whining about how hard your privileged life is and how your fucking latte not being made perfectly wrecked your day. I’m going to tell you what most the people around us are wishing they had balls enough to say. Shut the fuck up! if your whole day is ruined because some half-assed employee at the local coffee shop did a lousy job, then maybe you should start thinking about life and what’s actually important. I’m unapologetic about my privileged life. I have it easy even as a lower class citizen. But what you won’t hear is me repeating the same “my day was ruined by this pathetic barista wannabee” to every drama thriving poor excuse for a human that will listen. I know that life can seem hard and days can be shitty but overall I’m pretty fucking happy that I’m even able to buy a latte and you should be too. So shut the fuck up with your first world problems.

I am an asshole it’s true many of my friends have confirmed this. It wasn’t a conscious decision at first and for many years I did things that toed the line of asshole and straight up dickhead. still, as time went on I found ways to balance and embrace this part of me. Being an asshole isn’t all bad. Sure sometimes you offend people, lose clients or potential relationships, there’s the occasional fist fight, a scowl here and there and some people might fear you. But honestly, if you’re being true to yourself, practicing blunt honesty, and direct delivery it’s not your fault that those around you can’t handle it.

Being an asshole has several benefits.

You will be more attractive
It’s widely known that a large percentage of women gravitate toward assholes and naturally distance themselves from “the nice guy” I’m not making this shit up. These are excuses women make and I’ve heard them many times. “he’s too safe, not edgy enough, can’t defend himself, won’t give it to me straight, doesn’t have backbone, isn’t manly enough, he’s too gentle” and so on. Notice I said excuses. How safe someone is or how nicely they present themselves has little to do with their ability to defend themselves or give it to you straight. They simply have different delivery styles and trust me there are plenty of assholes that can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. No matter the rhyme or reason, women do find assholes more attractive.

You will weed out the weak around you.
Like I stated above another’s ability to handle your blunt honesty is their problem, not yours. For example, if my wife asks me “do I look fat in this outfit” and the answer is “yes” then that’s the answer I’m going to give her. She asked and I was honest plain and simple. If she asks and I reply “yeah you look like a cow” then I’m being a dickhead! see the difference?

You will speak your mind
Not speaking your mind is a problem. Not all the time obviously, sometimes it’s none of your fucking business and you are better off leaving it alone. But when there’s an opportunity or need to insert your advice and opinions then do so! Why? because in not doing so you’re missing a chance to change someone’s life, perspective, day, actions, mindset and so on. additionally your not being true to yourself.

You will defend your opinions
This part is key to growth and foundation. In the journey to self-discovery, you have to create, defend and change your opinions. Expressing your opinion can offer new relationships, great conversation, and some pretty cool opportunities. Not to mention never having or expressing your own opinions leaves you subject to everyone else’s. Foundation: Your opinions matter and defending them will prove it. Growth: In some cases, you will need to rethink or change your opinions. Either way, its a win.

You will get shit done.
In many cases taking the nice guy, approach slows things down. this is particularly true in business. When something needs to be done I’m not going to ask “Hey, Tommy will you please get XYZ done for me when you have a chance? I really need this done and it would be super duper great if you could find the time to help me, of course, I understand if you can’t, ok” Mr. Nice Guy left the choice to them, gave them a superior role, offered them a way out, and there not going to take him seriously. The dickhead approach is even worse “look XYZ needs to be done and you make less than me so quite frankly you should do it. I have more important things to do with my time. So get it done and I don’t want you in my sight again until it’s completed.” Mr. Dick Head was on a power trip. Anyone talked down to this way is going to rebel. Either by refusing to work with you or by silent resistance. nodding in reluctant agreement while secretly deciding how they can fuck up or slow down your results. We asshole’s know how to set the tone. “Hey Tom, I need you to complete XYZ before 3pm. Let me know when you’re finished.” In this example, I gave direct delegation, didn’t leave it open ended for discussion, addressed Tom directly and added a time for accountability. all expectations are clear. Without the power trip, there won’t be a power struggle.

Enough with the pleasantries! Strap on your boots, speak your mind, defend your opinions, get shit done, and be more attractive while you’re at it.

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