Being an independent creator is amazing. Free from corporate structure it enables you to really do what you want to do. Be as politically incorrect as you want, do bizarre stuff no media company would ever green light, put hundreds of hours into a single video. You are free to do so on the internet.

If your stuff catches on, you can reach millions of people and make a good living while being as free as one can be. And you do not need to become famous to make it — on the internet there are millions of niches. …

How do sponsorships influence us as a channel?

One thing many youtubers don’t like to talk about in too much detail are sponsorships. Videos that are supported by a company or organization with money.

Youtube ad revenue has been declining consistently over the years, and just as I was writing this, for many creators ad revenue tanked, as advertisers clashed with google in the last few weeks. So sponsorships have become the place where the real money is for many professional creators.

How much a sponsorship pays varies wildly. It depends on the creators, how big their audience is, type of content and how business savvy they are…


Videos explaining stuff. Made with love, optimistic nihilism and After Effects. Posts by Philipp Dettmer (founder & scripts)

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