Why Breaking a Sweat is Good for You

Squash, like most sports, incorporates a vast amount of training and exercise in order to be successful. And with this training and exercise comes one of the most healthy things your body can do — sweat. When you sweat, it means your body is working hard and getting an adequate amount of exercise; a lot of personal trainers say that if you don’t sweat when you exercise, then you aren’t really getting in a good workout. According to an article written by Candace H. Chemtob and published in Squash Magazine, “Exercise can improve your mood, boost self confidence, improve sleep, blunt the decrease of memory with age, alleviate depression, and reduce stress anxiety,” (Chemtob, Sweat is Good for the Soul). Here are some ways you can incorporate more sweat and exercise into your daily lifestyle, and the psychological benefits that come with doing so:

First, if you’re having a bad day at work or school and need help feeling less stressed, exercise is the answer. Only ten minutes of moderate exercise a day can improve your mood. If you’re a squash player, or any type of athlete, getting outside and hitting a few balls against a wall or with a friend, is a great way to get back into your good spirits.

Female Squash Champion, Nicol David

According to Chemtob, “Children and young adults who exercise have higher levels of self-esteem. In middle age adults, exercise is linked to improvements in overall psychological feelings of well-being,” (Sweat is Good for the Soul). Yes, your overall well-being will be improved if you make exercising part of your way of life, not just something to cross off on your to-do list. Even those who suffer from chronic diseases can see a change in their health. And remember, the more you sweat, the more exercise you’re getting — and the more exercise you get, the better you will feel.

If you’ve ever had periods of depression or are diagnosed with depression, exercise can be an extreme benefit for you because it alleviates depression. According to Chemtob, “The risk of becoming depressed can be lowered 20 to 30% with regular exercise. Furthermore, for clinically-depressed patients exercise may help achieve remission,” (Sweat is Good for the Soul). It may be hard for you to make those initial steps of getting into a healthy exercise routine, but after a few weeks of doing so you’ll notice vast improvements and won’t want to stop.

If you want to read more about the power of sweat and how exercise can greatly improve your health, read Candace H. Chemtob’s article in Squash Magazine.

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