30 Trips Around the Sun…This is What I’ve Learned…

I don’t take turning 30 lightly. While I do still feel young, I also feel extremely blessed to have made it to this age. I’ve had highs and lows along the way, this is just a brief synopsis of some of a few things I’ve learned in my 30 trips around the sun.

I’ve learned that your personal health is completely dependent on what you put into your body and maintaining an active lifestyle. Eat well, live well.

I’ve learned that balance makes a happy life. Anything in excess will cause health issues, but depriving yourself of the delightful things that life has to offer makes things dull. I’ve learned that the reward of beer or two after a productive day at work makes it all the sweeter.

I've learned the importance of family and friends. And the value of a strong support net. Self explanatory really. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed.

I've learned social media does not have the answers. To often I run across clips and memes on social media that are untrue. But because people see it on social media they accept it as fact. Question everything you see on the Web. Fact check before sharing a post. Do you part to end ignorance of truth.

I've learned group think is a slippery slope. And diversity creates much better solutions. One of the greatest aspects of this nation is how many points of view we have when it comes to problem solving. Fresh ideas and ingenuity can not be achieved when people blindly agree with the group. Think outside the bubble. Be original. If 9 out of 10 people agree, it's your duty as the 10th to question the issue.

I’ve learned that too often we rely on the Government to resolve social issues. Constantly we look to the ones that historically have caused problems to be the ones to resolve them. Not to say that the fight against oppressing foes is not just, but it feels a bit mundane to lay faith in a system that notoriously act against your best interest. Instead, people should bind together and find ways to change the culture and rely more on one another, vice relying on the system that we know has often been plagued with racism and corruption.

I’ve learned that the biggest problem in the world is how quick we are to judge each other by our differences, or pretend that we aren’t different, instead of acknowledging our differences and benefitting from our different perspectives.

I’ve learned that I disagree with a lot of people on a lot of different topics, but we still find common ground and work together for the greater good. Ultimately we, as humans, are in this together. It would be silly to pretend that our different backgrounds, whether race, religion, nationality etc don’t make us different. It does. Period. Once we accept each other’s differences and find ways to move forward together, instead of holding each other back, our society will truly flourish

Lastly, I've learned how blessed I am. I constantly have to remind myself not to take what I have for granted. I've had some hardships in my life. But I've seen people endure and overcome hardships much more difficult than my own. I have my struggles, but I've learned that that's life. I've learned to realize that everyone is dealing with their own struggles. No one's life is perfect. I've learned to try and be a bright spot in people's lives.

Be kind, spread love, be ready to stamp out hate. Stay vigilant.

P.S. They got clean water in Flint yet?? #BLM