By Michael Burroughs

The judicial system has plummeted down.

As I look around

Black and white people are being locked up and beat down.

What is going on in my town?

Innocent people are being shot down.

Click clack pow

That’s all I hear in the downtown.


For example look at Mike Brown,

There he laid faced down

Because he got shot in his crown.

One question I’ve asked myself.

Where’s equality?

It abolished in the middle of nowhere,

Looking like a kid that’s been lost in the county fair.

Screaming momma, momma in the air.

It’s not fair.

I look in despair,

Announcing that I’m aware of this warfare.

I can’t bear but just get on my knees and say a prayer

In the middle of town square.

It’s sad to say but police are asking questions like a questionnaire.

Beating us like animals in the interrogation chair.

So beware

And prepare for this nightmare.

It will last as long as person becoming a trillion air,

Then to share.

Please give me a moment .

I need to step out and get some fresh air.

But understand this happens everywhere.

It already happened here and there.

To be honest all I wanna say is no matter what ethnicity

You are or high your power is, we’re all equal,

And this is the end of the broke down judicial system sequel,

Because where equal and just remember that we’re all people.

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