The Struggle

By:Michael Burroughs

It’s a question I’ve asked multiple people.

Have you been through a struggle?

Not just any struggle a but family struggle?

Well I have, so let my explain.

My mother has been driven mentally insane,

Been hospitalized multiple times

No one could explain the pain

That seeps deep within her brain.

Thus making her take prescriptions just calm her nerves and what’s inside not just her left but both her left and right brain.

Damn this will drive me insane!!

All I see is the pain that runs deep through my mothers poisoned veins.

I’m screaming.. I don’t know what to do.

I feel like I’m being restrained

In multiple ways.

No one could’ve obtained

The pains mean and powerful blaze.

The rays

are burning straight through my body.

Now I’m wondering if I’m insane.

So I ask, have you been through a struggle?

Not just any struggle but a family struggle.

Well I have, so let me continue to explain.

Back in the day my biological father never wanted to see me.

Not just me but not even my own two brothers that means dearly to me.

It’s fucked up right…well it continues to get worse for me, my family, and everything that’s means dear to me. So please sit down and listen to this.

But also understand this my true and uncovered story.

My biological father had left my brothers and I on strangers front porches…. I cried,

I cried so seriously….my oldest brother furiously

pissed off wanted to do so many unspeakable things, he would’ve taken the consequences and thought about it continuously.

Oh wait…I almost forgot to tell you at that time I was only three years old, my middle down syndrome age brother was only six years old. To top it all off my oldest brother was only nine years old.

Now your wondering, why would he be thinking of some unspeakable things at that age. Well let me explain…my father never really wanted to love us..never really wanted to take care of us…all he did was push us to the side and say FUCK US!! Abuse my mother physically, mentally, and emotionally. Maybe thats reason a reason why my mother is in the hospital continuously.

Constantly thinking what was the past and will be the damn future….

Should I end my life here and should I end it now…”mother please stop thinking of these things.” I say I’ve been through the same damn thing and I’ve even said the damn things…..why let a permanent solution be the solution to a temporary problem.

spread your wings, loosen your strings and see what the future brings.

There’s not just one ending,

There’s multiple endings…

I won’t let any thing stop me, because I am a past descendants of royalty and kings.

Yes my life and this story goes Beyond way more.

But I will only continue to ask

Have you been through a struggle?

Not just any struggle but a family struggle?

Well I have and I was glad to share the struggle of family and my life experiences.

Thank you

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