We are often sacrificial lambs.
There is never a break, never a moment when we can allow ourselves to be free.There is a worry that never dies. Our minds are constantly filled with thoughts about families,friends,money,husands,children-but rarely filled with worry about ourselves. We are taught to immerse our beings completely into other people, led to believe that acceptance comes from the world and not from within.
Taught to deny our needs for others wants.
Its even worse when you don’t know what you need, when all your hopes and dreams are based on what society directs, when you realize that you are denying yourself of something you have never known but crave deep in you.
But it doesn’t compare to the emptiness that carves its way into our bones when we realize that our choices are the demands placed on us.
But we are girls
We rise, we discover who we are, we love.
We fight.

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