Traditional media vs Digital media

How to choose the best digital marketing channel for your business? We have Traditional media and Digital media, Traditional media way of marketing brands, Products and services make use of either direct or indirect methods of reaching out to targeted customers, it’s clear cut and straightforward you just need to invest money and perform a set of action to get result but a sudden change occur due to the complexities and vast wealth of opportunities by the internet and to achieve one goal on the internet these days a very strong online presence is needed to be competitive enough to reach out to targeted audience.

However with this new opportunities it can only be accessible through Digital marketing channels also internet marketing tools are available to bring one closer to his or her business goals but which one of these tools is the best fit for your expected goals? It will depend on the type of business and kind of customers you are targeting for. But learning, testing and measuring the result and performance of the digital marketing tools will give u an edge on what to expect at the end or how your expected goals will look like.


These channels are Email Marketing, PPC ( Pay per click), SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Display Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Online Public Relation.


The Email Marketing is one of the digital marketing channel that give business a good marketing strategy to perform leads generation by collecting email addresses and phone numbers from potential customers in other to send them update and other information like feedback so as know what their customer feel about their brand. It is an interactive tools that gives the digital marketer and the consumers a good relationship for the promotion of a brand in brand building, conversion and newsletters. PPC and Display advertising for me should fall in the same categories, brands are been displayed on website where it generate greater awareness, highly targeted traffic that may convert into leads or sales payment and these ads are based on cost per impression compare to Pay per click (PPC)


Social media advertising is definitely one of the most phenomenal thing that ever happen to digital marketing because today everyone is taking about social media and you will get a lot of audience on it when you reach out via Facebook posting on your targeted customers groups and pages they stay on frequently, Twitter for professionals, other business to business, Pinterest here you get a visual content for the promotion of your brands and products and lastly we have the content marketing, Affiliate marketing all these are the heart of every digital marketing campaign and it remains constant despite the many changes that occur in a marketplace so the content of every brand is very important because that is the first thing your audience or targeted customers will look out for, is it a good high quality( text, graphics, video) and very relevant content. Making use of content marketing as a tools for your digital marketing channel you have to put all these into consideration for you to get your brands, products and services to targeted customers.

The online public relation and affiliate marketing tools are for content marketing, promotional content so as to generate branding and traffic through exposure in online PR networks. With all these available tools a selection process must be done for primary consideration of how you want your brand awareness maybe on the social media channel and the likes which will promote sales and leads generation, Educate potential customers on the brand you promoting, Generate traffic and Define you budget allocation

The most important one identify your available talent be it developmental, creative, search or social skills with all these objectives and aims of digital media, it is open now that the digital media surpasses the traditional media due to the complexities and vast opportunities of the internet, the interactive, measurable, disseminate and inexpensive means also the inbound way of marketing that focus on getting people to come to your business, website or social media because they choose to.

Lastly, the dos and donts of the social media use 80 percent for socials while 20percent for business and sometimes brands can start a conversation an ad with a wrong reason but the main thing is to get the attention of their audience so a conversation maybe right or wrong in an advert.

The main aim is to reach out to their targeted audiences or customers and a friendly response to their audience will only promote the brand and also all these tactics of campaign is to cause traffic don’t forget about traffic that will promote sales and leads generation. As a good digital marketer you have to be in the right position to capitalize on these opportunities.

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